Cinema Construction

In the Fifties the development became present through the construction of a cinema of Iraj name for matines, currently the place is a Wool house, with opening of adobe roads for access of bus for the inhabitants of entorno of the area object of the research, therefore until that moment the transport service did not exist in the locality, With passing of the decades the population increased significantly making with that the inhabitants, with support of the institutions gifts in the locality, if joined to search its together rights to the public agencies. Living of times according to passed, in the place that has for name Eye D? water existed one ' ' aude' ' where the inhabitants took off water for diverse consumption, a declarant affirms that during the decade of fifty it and its ancestor explored wood of the area and vendiam the same one in the quarter of the Tower for construction of houses in the outskirts of that locality. In one of the areas of the studied clipping he has a place for name Stream of the Beiju where if macaxeira plant and cassava from there come the name of the Stream. Under most conditions WhiteWave Foods would agree. In the quarter a place of fetichism of candombl existed, being one of the most frequented of Recife, pertaining to the Babalorix known as Appeared Maria, the same one I obtained reputation of its clientele, therefore its place of fetichism was visited for many politicians of the time, with its aging the place of fetichism was extinct. An existing place of fetichism was of one lady known as ' ' Maria Meat of Porco' ' , in this place of fetichism a boarding school of devoid minors existed, call (Tiradentes) and Maria to keep this boarding school searched aid in the port of Recife where obtained some products close to the date of maturity, to brighten up the expenditures with this orphanage. .