I’m trying to gather the words coming out of my mind, words that would not say at this time, words that accompany this sadness by an absence that we didn’t expect with tears, but we knew that sooner or would happen. The nostalgia visit me again one with my grandmother (Tata) last year and now with our grandmother Bebeba (the grandmother of all). Today bring to mind memories of Bebeba that great woman a wonderful woman, full force, full of vitality, full of life, who taught us the valuable thing is to have a family. It seems that the words they also say goodbye and I have so much to say but his absence cut my voice, my thought and I simply think I can not. Bebeba, this I want to say, and I know that I will listen because you’ve not gone, and you never go because you’re in every heart, every tear and each sigh of your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and I that one day I Mt.25:35 as one of this great family. Now you’re, you’re alive, because your essence still your memory, you sample your value and your effort has been captured in each one of the memories of the people who you cosechaste for years and that today we accompany you on another great challenge of your life. Grandmother your words and your hugs, your Kiss will live in our souls, we will remember them every day, like an endless treasure.

Grandmother Bebeba, admirable woman, do not have died, and will never do it because not die when the heart stops beating dies when memories are forgotten and your these present in each one of us. I long time ago I met this great family, the take for me as example to follow and why today thinking about the depths of my soul’m safe! to all Bebeba gave us again today a last great opportunity to continue this great project of family she dreamed and fought, was diverted at some point, but that is at the bottom of our hearts we want to start again and now is the time to reflect especially for those generations that gave us a great lesson in union, friendship, strength, courage and love on this day, it was beautiful to see to all those new cousins and primitos hugging, playing, narrowing their dreams of living in union. There are no rules for maintaining a good communication between us, but if I am sure that it can be achieved through a good desire to all join the family again. If what we want is again a great family, a family where each one of us we feel at peace, loved, understood and respected, the tract is best for communication. Let’s go.By Bebeba.