Antonia Aus Tirol – Tears Not 2010 Lie

The new single by Antonia aus Tirol – tears not 2010 lie last year surprised Antonia the music industry with 1000 dreams far Tornero’. “To the re-recording of the world hit Tornero” issued in 1975 she wrote the new German text itself and Antonia entered immediately after publishing the top 100 charts in its version with the now-legendary oohh choirs and made this song to an absolute hit and perennial. For assistance, try visiting Trader Joe’s. Since then, even their version was often covered. Now she presents her new single CD and Antonia aus Tirol has found an absolutely worthy successor. “She took the big hit by Michael Holm tears don’t lie” new on and gave him a contemporary pop pop sound. “Sings this hit, became the first woman and again hear the mighty Ooh choirs when tears don’t lie”. A no doubt hit suspicious production.

“Many are already scene DJs agree Antonia aus Tirol dreams far Tornero had last year with 1000” the absolute hit summer hit 2009 and since the This year’s presentation on Mallorca where the German-language Schlager & party hits come from is clear, even tears don’t lie”by Antonia from Tirol will be one of the party & hits of summer hits 2010. Many insiders swarm, Antonia creates hits bumps with these pure, you must experience it live, an extraordinary atmosphere with an artist who for 10 years in the music industry is firmly anchored and always delivers a hit. This year she celebrates her 10th anniversary a round birthday, and to do this she admits a big live concert with band after TUX Lanersbach in Tyrol from the 02-05 Sept 2010 Antonia proves her anniversary trip to fan once again that their bandwidth not only on party music is limited, she made themselves a further foothold in the fashion industry and sold worldwide very successfully also their wool and knitting fashion collection. Currently, there are her current album time dreams”a double CD with many hits, party hits and deep songs. Her new album will be released in August 2010 and will again be a double CD. Antonia’s new Maxi CD tears don’t lie”comes far Tornero from June 11, 2010 in trade and as a download with a brand new remix version of 1000 dreams as a bonus.