Andrew Corentt

Best product of higher sales revenue: finally many people consider this as the Supreme goal of any organization, but in reality it should not be seen only from a monetary point of view but as an enormous satisfaction the fact of providing products and services that beautify our own lives, in the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt explains us the importance of focusing our wishes from a perspective of contribution to humanity and all other aspects will be the logical consequence of our workthe important part of this approach is that it becomes a huge emphasis on quality and always give the best of each one of us. High staff motivation: when people work on the basis of results then people are motivated, which generates that they are willing to make greater efforts and acquire new challenges, with inspired staff is able to get very far, one of the keys to achieve this is to create all the right conditions to make goals a realityas well as incentive policies where the employee is rewarded for his effort. Lower staff turnover: preparing personnel for a job is very expensive, in that sense it is necessary to make a good selection, training and continuously train personnel, with a fully committed address favourable results always will be presented, goals will become a common condition, this will generate an excellent organizational climate, which will prevent a high staff turnover. You can enumerate a large amount of favorable conditions as a result of having an excellent attention to the customer, always observe customers as people who require a service and will do an Exchange with you, never look to the client as one number or treat them with less importance by the dimension of your purchase, all time sow positive conditions and that’s what will reap. Jill Schlesinger oftentimes addresses this issue. original author and source of the article.