Why Do I Need To Bandage Pregnancy

Why do I need a bandage for pregnant bandage for pregnant women – is not a luxury but a necessity. Usually, doctors recommend wearing a bandage from 5-6 months of pregnancy, during this period begins active growth of the fetus. If the first pregnancy differed malposition, threatened miscarriage, and other pathologies of the woman should use prenatal belts and bandages in the first trimester of pregnancy, but before that it is necessary consult your doctor. The bandage supports abdominal overdistension of the anterior abdominal wall muscles, as well as abdominal skin from excessive stretching, and hence of stretch marks. If pre-pregnancy woman involved in sports, the muscles can not withstand the load and the sag. But most important he has a medical point of view! With every passing month of pregnancy stress on the spine of pregnant women is growing, it is fraught with development of diseases of the spine, frequent pain in the lower back, tiredness.

Prenatal bandage provides support to the abdomen (without squeezing it) to help the child in the correct position in the uterus, prevents its premature descent. This is especially important after 24 weeks of pregnancy when the baby moves frequently may take a horizontal position and then without a surgical intervention is e do. Only the tires may to bear a substantial part of the load off your back and sacrum to release tension in the lumbar region, to support the abdomen. But to be in bandage 24 hours not need to wear it for the scheme. Every 3 hours to remove the tie at 30 minutes. Indications for prenatal wearing tie:-at-the kid rolling repeated pregnancy during which the abdominal wall is stretched faster and stronger, weak abdominal muscles, during which it may be an umbilical hernia -Threat of miscarriage (as recommended by a gynecologist) active lifestyle (when the mother is on his feet more than 3 hours per day) is especially needed a bandage for working women, the appearance of stretch marks or a predisposition to him, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, back pain or back at some of the mom-obstetrical pathology (scar on the uterus as a result of caesarean section, the excessive increase in the size of the uterus, polyhydramnios, multiple pregnancy, large sizes fetal presentation or low position of the fetus) contraindications to wear virtually no prenatal ties, but in any case, you must consult your doctor. The main consideration when choosing the tie prenatal care should be paid to the material from which made the model.

Aggravated skin sensitivity, its response to temperature changes – the phenomenon typical of pregnancy. The most suitable fabric impermeable air. Leader among them, of course cotton. Therefore, in our shop Iko-Med we offer products exclusively from high quality material, all tires are made with natural cotton, which is a hypoallergenic material. In our products we do not use latex and synthetic materials.