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The conducted research has shown that succeeded in many societies, success thanks to the introduction of the strategic management to carry away. Therefore the balanced scorecard, which was made as a methodology of strategic management of the company, is considered by the managers instrument, which increase the effectiveness of the work of the company. -How do you determine that the balanced scorecard of the society is necessary? -The balanced scorecard is mostly those companies useful, need the maximum effective management for the realization of the strategic goals, and the companies in which the procedure of restructuring is over and have some difficulties in the construction of the system of management. You can determine due four main features that the company needs the BSC: the first feature of a society has a strategy and a mission, while the management due to various reasons the process of strategic management is not involved in: about 85% take little time per month in claims Manager for the consideration of strategic issues or poorly understand, what is the essence of strategic management. The second characteristic – the lack of understanding by the staff of the strategic goals of the company and its non-participation in achieving these goals. The employees of a company directly managed the process of production, a question was posed, for which indicators they bear responsibility.

The answer was the following: the quality of production, adherence to the technological parameters of the production process, the accident-free working of the equipment. The ordinary employees does not mean, that they are responsible for the timeliness of production output. In other words, they understood not the tasks and role in the realization of strategic plans of the company. Such problems can decide the introduction of BSC. The third characteristic – the use of balanced scorecard is characteristic for the Group of companies, where each company objectives, which are not always the single strategy of the holding company. And the fourth feature – the absence of operational control about the process of the realization of the strategy of the company.