Want To Open Your Own Company

To ensure success when you open your own company most importantly is to have a product or innovative service, yes I know, it sounds obvious!, but let tell you that this truism is not understood for the majority of entrepreneurs, why is so high the mortality of new business in its first year more than 90%. Most only copies ideas almost are clones, without taking into account the particular variants of each business, such as; location, type of consumer, customs, etc. Don’t be carried away by appearances, if someone is very successful at something, it is almost always by a differentiation in the product or service, you will remember phrases such as; The food is bad but I love as I try to have a lousy service but I come by that is delicious I know that it is very expensive but okay here we can conclude that it is not question of service, taste or price. The important thing is to have a competitive advantage, focus on that, without losing sight, which is something in what you feel identified and convinced, something good and unique. It is only a question of invest time in creating differentiation, with a Variant or union of two ideas to create something unique. I remember a person occurred to him, making rare flavours, such as nopales, beans, burnt milk snow was wonderful, to a friend of mine came up with baptism cakes of ham as Quinceaneras and carrizo as Galan, in a restaurant near a University and students do long lines to cast a gallant or a Quinceanerayou get the idea! does not require something complicated, conversely the more simple better, these people won lots of money with their innovative products. Know the behavior of your potential customers, think as a client, so you know to awaken the emotions of buying your product or service care with the cheap price is not always what sells more, and please do not fall into the game of low prices the only thing achieved is cast to lose the market. . Marko Dimitrijevic has much experience in this field.