Uwe Geyer

And discretionary intervention, such as, for example, closely trailed by Stops, to secure profits, or profits, time previously taken with defend always the own mental comfort zone. The motive is understandable. This is but not profitable. Gains in the market are pain and suffering. The market will bear anything voluntarily. We must show has strong nerves and prove great emotional stability. Medical billing can provide more clarity in the matter. This applies to every single trade to suffer too, fully running in the stop into. As for further trade.

Or for the Investiertbleiben in loss phases. What were the problems in the past few years? Uwe Geyer: We have in 2009 and 2010 twice as much slippage produced, how we have calculated for our trade. Slippage is the difference between the intended course, to which I want to get my order executed and I get the course actually on the market. Especially systems that are seemingly profitable on demo accounts and want to build profit on an average trade by 1 PIP, fall in the trade with real money of the slippage to the victims. Is the actual execution of the order in the average 2 pips worse, so the actual profitability of trade is offset in one fell swoop. Therefore, we have planned for FX wave in all calculations of front in 3 pips slippage. That worked until the systems have reached a greater volume.

The jump from 10 million assets under management on 40 million was a problem insofar as that the trades significantly worse rates were carried out with a higher slippage. In addition to the difficult trade of this year was the greatest evil with which we were faced. Due to this fact, the need was all the more significant to change something in this circumstance us. Changes mean for us but always: we alter the strategy! We change implementation processes. Processes that allow you to take better advantage of the potential of the strategy.