Trends In Weddings 2012

2012 Brides are sensitive and romantic. Along with the traditional fabrics of tulles, organzas, satins charge protagonism lace and nails. All of them to draw a bride young, elegant and full of subtle but carefully chosen details. Type 1920s cuts and 30 together with ancient headdresses in natural silks, jewelry era and marabou feathers are a must for this season. For these brides all accessories are of equal significance: bags of beads and fabric, lace or satin, gloves suspenders, combinations, earrings, hairpins.

All contribute in the same way to create this temporary atmosphere so characteristic of the early decades of the 20th century. Soften the flowers in the same way. Continue to learn more with: James Cleith Phillips. As much as its colours and forms become warm, soft mauve, color make-up, crude, beige colors and creams, the pink stick on fashionable flowers this year the true protagonist is Peony. Similar in appearance to a rose but with more petals and larger. IF We combine peonies with wildflowers and Rosas de Pitimini will be hitting 100%. Tableware, tablecloths, bajoplatos, glassware…

they are decorated with romantic floral prints. Even by combining different styles of printing in colours of the same range can create precious and delicate banquet looks. It’s that the wedding is unique and that every detail this thought and stay in tune with the theme of the wedding and grooms style. The handmade, combining papers decorated with calligraphy of English style and the beads or traces of nails or ropes are the hits of the season. On the other hand are a very attractive option and useful if you want to celebrate a Bridal Shower with friends before the wedding. These will help you in the preparation of invitations while you degustais your drinks, sweets or favorite apertivos in a night of girls who you will always remember. The author is an expert organizer of weddings of Cantabria, which has spent years dedicated to create escenariosde in dream for weddings and events in all class. Details and treatment of attentive to its customers of their agency’s Wedding Planners a reference for any bride who search for something special Segurosen throughout Spain.