The coastal town of Hammamet is located in the Gulf of Hammamet, about 70 km from capital Tunisia. It is one of the principal tourist localities of the country, along with Yasmine Hammamet, a residential area full of hotels and resorts, completely devoted to tourism and leisure activities. The ancient city of Hammamet was founded in Roman times and is known both for its beaches of white sand and fine, as per your medina, one of the oldest in the country, where tourists can find all kinds of handmade products, from handmade carpets, to shishas (Tunisian pipes), to products in silver and crystal. That Yes, if you are not accustomed to haggling, must be careful with the prices, since sellers of the positions of the medina, here as in general in the rest of the country, often triple and sometimes quadruple the price of their goods, since the expected the buyer to negotiate with them a more affordable price. Other tactics that Tunisians used to sell is inviting tourists for their tents, only to enter to view. Once inside, so his ability to convince and negotiate, which is almost impossible to leave the store empty-handed! It is indispensable in Hammamet to take a mint tea in the cafeteria that is behind the medina, on the shores of the sea, to be able to be at sunset, and enjoy wonderful views over the Gulf. The tourist area of Yasmine Hammamet however does not have much to do, but stands out due to its long white beaches and services to tourists.

It also has a modern medina, of recent construction, where tourists more lazy and less given to the bartering can find shops of fixed price, with good quality products. From Yasmine Hammamet is very easy to arrange trips to other cities of the country. One of the most interesting and economic methods is a tourist taxi. It’s vans with capacity for 6-8 people, that for a fixed price accompany tourists throughout the day, making a journey normally preset by several cities. These taxis are usually parked in front of major hotels and resorts of Yasmine Hammamet and is as easy as approaching and talking to the driver. In this case also, there is usually some room for negotiation and it is possible to obtain a discount on the initial price proposed by the taxi driver. With a little luck, the taxi driver accompanies tourists on their visits to museums, mosques and medinas and advised on the best places where to eat and shop. It is also a very nice way to chat with a person of the place and discover traditions and cultural aspects that can hardly be seen in hotels for tourists.