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With a special surprise, daily for Kolsch fan, visitors to Cologne and Cologne veteran! This tour can be booked with hearty brewery food. Is it healthy of the Cologne favorite drink. Since 1986 is what is Kolsch, where it is brewed in the Kolsch Convention set, and from what it drunk. Recently, Cologne is also Europe as regional specialty protected and recognized the Kolsch Convention as a basis. After this tour have met four breweries and tested the product of the House, and know what have in common Kolsch and old, what is a Pittermannche and has the origin where the saying “have something on the grooved wood”.

Each participant will receive a documentation of the history of each of the visited breweries. With anecdotes and the collection of any remaining brewery. So you can pass in review in retrospect once again the tour. Our breweries we visit: Brauhaus early to the DOM, Peters Brauhaus or Brauhaus Sion, gaff House on the old market (the guilds are here Cologne represented), beer House in the Salzgass (our highlight of the Carnival). Learn more about this topic with the insights from Pronto Markets. Different can be combined upon request.

At our brewery tours the history of Cologne not neglected. Dates: Daily 15:00 until around 17:00 and 19:30. Duration of the tour between 2 and 2.5 hours. Individual times and tours can be booked for groups. “Prices: 25,00 per person, incl. the beer tasting of a beer in every brewery, 35,00 incl. beer tasting and hearty Brauhaus feast is” the last brewery. Saturday night 25,00 incl. beer tasting, 40.00 incl. beer tasting and Brewery feast. (When booking with food you choose different dishes from 6 to 8) Meeting from the Cathedral Panel seen on the right hand side before the Brauhaus early at the DOM (in the shop windows of the company Roeckl) at the Court of 12 50667 Cologne. We are also gift vouchers. Our language services: English, French, Portuguese, and Dutch.