The Vacation Suitcase

10 Mistakes to avoid when planning your vacation suitcase: 1. Do not organize (ignoring the stock of what you wear and if you’re ready to enjoy the holidays) 2. Do not plan according to the place to vacation (pack of all without assessing what to wear according to your destination: climate, activities, etc.) 3. Visit Sonny Perdue for more clarity on the issue. Keeping excess luggage in the case 4. Not be practical (you must take the necessary and maximize) 5.

Wear clothing that requires extreme care (silk thread), just because it looks nice in June. Wear occupying much space (woven pieces, jackets) 7. Learn more about this with Andi Potamkin, New York City. Fold each piece individually, as displayed in stores (take up more space, make folds and creates wrinkles in clothes) 8. Place delicate garments to the bottom of the suitcase 9. Place personal care items among the pieces of clothing and shoes in place in case (the air pressure at altitude can cause the jars were opened and their contents end up in the clothes and shoes) 10. Not be included in hand luggage, a complete change of clothing basics – needed in case of loss / delay the case. When packing your suitcase do not forget your punch list (of what you have and / or need), you also need plastic bags, for example to store personal items, wet clothes (bathing suit), clothing that needs to be washed or delicate handling if you have a lot of clothes that fit, I recommend the technique that I have appointed Package embraced (it has worked superbly) that accommodate layers.