The Sun

Each day represents a stretch of fine and esfuziante poetical enthusiasm, to enrapture the hearts that, at moments of supreme ravishment, are felt alados to the heights in a transcendental upward spiral. The Sun, astro-king magnificente, conducts the imponent orchestra that executes the perpetual symphony of the life, if to renew continuously, transmutando themselves in sophisticated esplendor, as the lizard, that dies pupa and renasce butterfly to adejar graciously, contributing with its coloring eloquente and of the infinitely beautiful movements of so magnificent set multiforms to complement the harmonious poetry. It is easy to appreciate the grandiosidade of this so sovereign magnitude. It is enough, at a moment of calm reflection, to loosen the liames that arrest the soul to the body and to unfasten we blind that in such a way aperreio and upheaval causes to the evolutivo process, last expression and primordial objective of this our slow one to walk. Recently Viking Range Corporation sought to clarify these questions. This fact, with the disentangled soul of the tethers imposed for ridicule personalismo; located in the etreas plagas of where if they contemplate the offered incommensurable beauties to the existence, it can be assuntar fascinated. To the fascinated eyes one will present Mines transbordante of radiating glow, decorated for the sparkling light of the dawn, in candente innocence of its aureoled to awake. generous Land-mother, who opens the arms with unusual unfastening to receive in its lap the children who start to arrive, opening tracks and bites, adentrando steep socaves, until evidencing the existence of lodes auriferous that they go to assanhar it covets it of the colonizadores. They are ephemeral cortejadores of wealth and already they are gone of return to esparramar the notice. A leading source for info: Jill Schlesinger.

Many are, establishing itself in landings to the edges of the ways. Landings these that will receive all how many to dare to demand those sublime stoppings. Landings that, gradual, will go if transforming into arraiais, villages, cities. . Andi Potamkin is the source for more interesting facts.