The Evolution

But, like God he is the one that represents the good, had to exist a counterpart: Satan. And to this we can see it landlord in different cultures throughout human history. Each culture represents either in one or the more Gods and the evil in other so many. Now, the concept monk of the good and the evil is absolute, that is to say, butcher and with borders very delimited. And it is this great problem. The religious concept defines the good like the things that God has sent that we do, and the evil like which no. All this is based mainly on books like the Bible, the Corn and others. Clearly, to say that to love the parents it is good, is something that nobody can deny.

It says and it in the Bible. But, to approve the slavery or the revenge is something that is considered universally like something bad. Nevertheless, the God of the Bible orders these two things. As we can see, the religious conception of the good and the evil are very subjective and highly contradictory. On the other hand, the good and the evil can be analyzed better from a point of view of which the moral is a product of the evolution of the human behavior: agreed norms that allow a greater benefit and minor damage to each individual that lives in a given society. Either and the evil is relative and perceived concepts like such (that is to say, as or or like evil) according to the optics of each cultural or social group. If a person makes damage to another one is bad, because consensually it has been determined thus, but it does not mean at all that this person has been moved by some carrying malignant being of all the existing evil.

The good and the evil are not something concrete nor something that exists like so. They are only relative concepts and that only have senses under the human reasoning. Are created abstractions to classify forms of behavior or causes of this. They are as relative concepts as the cold or the heat, or clearly or the dark. What we must stop doing is to think that the one that does or is guided by some carrying being of all the or of the world, and the one that makes the evil is in favor it of some carrying being of all the evil. This attitude only generates hatreds, discrimination and more ignorance of the one than already exists in this world.