B2d Hannover

Consultancy Reinhard Pfeifer the Messe b2d offers a high-quality platform for regional and systematic construction of customer and supplier relations, to expand networks and to intensive discussions with decision makers at eye level on two days of the fair management of the metropolitan region of Hannover. 120 exhibitors at Hannover industry fair the economic fair Hannover 2011 has opened on 31.08, 2011 from 11:00 until 18:00 h and on the 01.09.2011 from 10:00 h to 17:00 h. Some 1,400 visitors meet on two days of the fair with 120 exhibitors the business dialogue. Last year, the majority of the exhibitors with the course of the fair was satisfied. Most of the exhibitors were able to confirm their presence on the b2d due to their good preparations with first-class contacts and very good prospects for new business, that satisfaction of the exhibitors with the course amounted to around 80%. Back on board in advance good contacts with potential customers and future business partners by announcing our have already consulting Pfeifer Fair result”, Mr Pfeifer reported from the Bremen management consultancy Pfeifer. Due to the many new contacts on the year’s b2d in Bremen, it is worth for us in Hannover to be like in the last year as an exhibitor with it.” We can present our skills very vividly. All responses to online marketing on B2D Hannover 2011 in the areas of online marketing, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and Web design we have the economic fair to introduce our extraordinary services to Hanover the possibility. Two days of the fair offers visitors at our booth with the consultancy Walker and partners, as well as the RegioHelden from Stuttgart, exciting ways that a company can successfully present themselves on the Internet. Tickets in advance at: consultancy Pfeifer Tharisa-Anne Street 5 28211 Bremen MOB 0162 9695809 E-mail WEB


OQS certification services extends on European countries Pfullingen, 28 may 2013. The company OQS (www.oqs.de) from Pfullingen in Stuttgart has developed a certificate which sets uniform standards for the cleaning of photovoltaic systems which are recognized by the solar industry, as well as by plant operators. “The seal certified and certified solar systems-cleaning operation” to certify that the cleaning company certified by OQS meets international requirements, based on the quality standard ISO 9001,. After the successful certification of over 50 cleaning companies in Germany, the company now extends its certification services due to rising demand on European countries. With our certificate we ensure that solar power systems are professionally cleaned, create orientation for plant operators and competitive advantages for the certified companies,”explains OQS CEO Johannes Fohr. Credit: digital cameras-2011.

The seal certifies, for example, that the cleaning operation via a professional cleaning and safety equipment has, working with demineralized water and is covered in sufficient amount against damage. Tap water can cause lime deposits. The use of high-pressure cleaners, scrubbers and broom and upon entering the modules can cause scratches and cracks on the solar modules. We want to avoid that”, says Farooq. See snoring mouthpiece for more details and insights. Together for more quality with the support of the Fraunhofer Institute for solar energy systems in Freiburg, the University of Bern, the German Institute of management as well as engine manufacturers and home cleaning services OQS therefore has as first company in Europe developed criteria for the professional cleaning of solar power plants. An inventory of cleaning equipment, fleet and the insurance, a three-day intensive training in theory and practice, as well as a review of the cleaning part of the certification process. Then, OQS created a certification-ready documentation with procedural and Work instructions and checklists. The certificate is valid for five years and 4,000 euros. The OQS is a consulting company that is recognized by the Federal Office for economy. The advice is supported with up to 1500 euro (companies headquartered in Germany). OQS lists all certified cleaning companies on the Internet page.