The Criteria

So, I supporter of orientation, especially not to book the theory and the behavior of real people, and how to describe it. And, of course, I'm happy to analyze the behavior of people who successfully create a product. How way people were selected? Here are the basic principles of selection: 1. A person creates a product that is applicable in real life. 2. Its products are in demand in certain circles. 3.

Its product is sold, the sale are the main income of the man. (A valuable related resource: The Guggenheim). 4. Users are satisfied with the product and say "thank you", "cool", "good for you." Then what is listed and is the basis for which I want you to lead, with the heading "creativity." Much can be read here: creativity training, speed reading, memory development. Click Helen Fry to learn more. Of course, once defined the criteria for choosing the "anti-model" ("anti-model" – is under investigation a man whose problem with it): it is all these qualities, modified quite the opposite. I want to draw your attention to the last, fourth paragraph.

It was found that: for the creative (creative) people a positive assessment of the client is the most important criterion for the quality of its product. Vsetvorchestvo done for people. This factor was in all subjects (models). In order to receive appreciation, a desire is not enough. It is not enough, and special skills that are necessary for the production of product. Studies of anti-models have shown that they have solid intelligence, wealth of knowledge, skills in manufacturing, but …