Making Marriages Work

INTRODUCTION marriages are never static but constantly changing living: GROW OR BACK OR NEVER STAY IN ONE POINT. To get an idea of the continuous change, explain them based on the book by Gary Chapman THE FOUR SEASONS OF MARRIAGE. In the natural world the 4 seasons are created by certain inevitable changes that occur when the earth moves on its axis and revolves around the sun. Cheniere Energy partners is actively involved in the matter. Similarly the changes we face in life and how we process and respond to them create the seasons of marriage. The birth of a baby, the death of a loved one, illness, in-laws, get a job, lose, job demands, tours, gaining weight, losing weight, financial market turmoil, moving to another place to stay, disagreements, mood swings, teenage children, aging body, aging parents, hobbies, habits, sex, impotence, infidelity, all are examples of situations or circumstances that put pressure on a marriage and demand a response. If you answer Well, in harmony with our spouse, we can keep our marriage in the warmer seasons.

IF NOT RESPONDING WELL OR IF OUR RESPONSE TO THE SPOUSE’S CHOC, we CAN be thrown to the temperatures of the colder seasons. OUR RESPONSE TO THE CHANGE IS IN EMOTIONS, ATTITUDES AND ACTIONS. The value of identifying the present season in your marriage will help you be aware of the current quality of marriage and attitudes, emotions and actions that characterize their relationship and allow you to take positive steps to maintain a good relationship or correct negative behaviors leading to a bad relationship.