The Environment

A good opportunity appears, everything is temporary, life is a cycle where there are times of lean and fat cows aveces’re up and sometimes down!. Crises are not permanent and it will happen very soon. There are points of leverage ranging from the inside out like the that no changes to others, must be a model or inspiring to change our environment as people and things that surround us. Omega 3 insists that this is the case. Change ourselves. developing habits that marked your life every day when you renew you presents balance in it and your environment. STRESS makes people not want to do anything, is unwilling to compromise, they invent excuses, everyone is guilty of his current situation. CU-stress (term used by the Chinese) is something that excites you, that strengthens, that makes you feel like get up from that State in which you find yourself, that you enpuja to study what you love because that is the meaning of the work, want to have a cause that motivates you.

By those women live longer than men, they live an average of seven years longer than men, is a psychological factor and not physiological. When you think about the concept of abundance instead of scarcity life changing people. When has lived with scarcity lifetime and be begins to think only in abundance life changes.When I have a problem, I have the responsibility to fix it, with a culture of abundance the environment responds the efforts of the problems, because the culture is based on the responsibility of all the world this means in a bundancia of opportunities. The true North represents two things: the first is the direction in which we have decided to go, if we are connected emotionally and culturally toward a concrete obgetivo, then will be priority and the guideline as a guide to get it. The second are the principles that govern the values that drive us.The principles cause consequences over which we have control, that gives us HUMILITY.