Cuba Impossibility

Nagel directly approaches the subject for the problem has lain body and makes important assertions that they can corroborate with the thesis of the impossibility to be a brain in a Cuba on account of the singularity of the experience as fenomenal conscience. d all about the problem. In one of the known texts more of Nagel As he is to be a bat it says on the difficulty or same impossibility to affirm with certain degree of probability if animal he has conscience. How we could know if a whale, elephant, dog or rat have conscience? The conscience is what a truily intratvel problem makes of the problem of the relation mind-body, affirms Nagel. Rahul Singhvi describes an additional similar source. Because some people affirm fixedly that the conscience is pertinent only to the men. Leaving of this estimated of that if it cannot affirm that other animals have conscience exactly since we do not have access to this of form some, therefore that other beings, beyond the men had fenomenal conscience, never could know. But it is possible that rats, pigeons or bats have conscience, however if some being extraland came to inhabit our planet would be absolutely impossible that it knew as we feel in them thus we are ahead of of the impossibility knowing as he is to be a bat.

But Nagel explains that what it intends not to have the sensation of what he is to be a bat, it is before any thing having the dimension of what it bat to be a bat. Then we have that if already difficult to imagine as he is for me or any another one that to try as it is to be a bat, as to try to speak on a bat while bat. Nagel explains that the bat is a strange being of notvagos habits, completely blind and that if high-frequency guide for sonars to find the way pparently its flight desvairado, with brusque ascending and descending maneuvers it emits ganido strident who bounces in the solid parts of its habitat and it of a dimension of the empty space its front for where it passes.

The Point

Jolivet of as example ‘ ‘ the water that is in harnesses of to be warm ‘ ‘ (JOLIVET, 1972, P. Get more background information with materials from Dunkin’ Donuts. 222). It has another type of division, of the subjective power and of the possible power, this is the power where a thing can be, already that one is the power that exists in act or the current power. The act also possesss a division, in pure act, that is the free act of potentiality, that is, the act that does not possess limit, for example, the supreme being.

The potentiality is typical of the contingent beings whose act is not in absolute, therefore, only the absolute being if it fits in this pure act. has the mesclado act of potentiality, that is, the finite beings that are in act, to put are limited by the potentiality that it is inherent. Relation between act and power In the Metaphysical scope, the act establishes relations with the power, in three levels: Of the value, of the causalidade and the composition. From the analysis of these relations it deduced the degree of importance between these two Metaphysical slight knowledge. First, of the point of view of the value, the act is superior the power, therefore, it determines the degree of perfection of the being, therefore, it affirms Toms de Aquino who ‘ ‘ each thing is perfect in the measure where it is in act, imperfect in the measure where it is in potncia’ ‘ (AQUINO apud JOLIVET, 1972, P. 223), because the act is something already determined, that is, is a concrete substance. However, exactly being concrete, because of the existence of the power it becomes limited, therefore this is the main cause of the finitude of the contingent beings.


To say on what if she calls death is one in such a way complex one, for in lacking the which had knowledge to them, therefore we desire to get its meaning and when we obtain we leave to exist, that is, it is when we leave of being. Start displaying Montaigne: ' ' Any of us can, for use and experience, to strenghten itself against pains, the shame, the poverty and others that such accidents; but, how much to the death, we cannot try it more than a time: we are all apprenticees, when we arrive there. Some men in the antiquity, so excellent had found themselves custodians of the proper time, who had even tried in the death, to take the taste to it and to saborear it, entensando the spirit to see as this ticket was done; but none of them came back stops in counting to its novidades.&#039 to them; ' (MONTAIGNE, 1961: 250 and 251) the death is of an inviolable hermetismo, since remote times, that more than if it got had been speculations or divagaes not very concrete regarding the subject, exactly with respect to religions, as the espritas for example, still arguments one are presented in such a way how much ' ' vagos' ' perhaps, to the livings creature it fits only to know of the life, while the death is in other domnios. The objective is not to question of acid form the religious doctrines, but to search some logicidade in an argument that turns on a subject so unprovided of evidence that goes beyond the perceived finitude. I follow with Montaigne: ' ' If you live suffering, the guilt is of your cowardice: to die it only lacks querer.&#039 to you; ' (MONTAIGNE, 1961: 232) It seems me that the death is what if has right in fact, therefore is conceived and launched to the world without the possibility to hinder our existence, even so exists theories, as the kardecistas, that point out the aspect of the spirit to choose its condition of birth, even so do not want in this briefing assay to enter in religious questions, but it is not possible to leave to mention the minimum. .

Southeast of the Country

Now, let us come back to say a little on the preconception suffered for the northeasterns in the South and Southeast of the country. In a site of relationships of the known WEB world-wide, called Orkut, it exists what they call community. Below we will cite, describe and analyze some of them: I hate bahian neighbor paraiba/? description of the community: ' ' Generality that has anger of the NEIGHBORING NORTHEASTERN, who listening CALYPSO (or another excrement of the sort), the day all and fulls the bag, is its place here. The community does not hate the northeasterns who north-eastern INHABIT, does not only like the ones that invade our land to confuse the other people’s life with EDUCATION LACK. Read additional details here: Secretary of Agriculture. Taste not to have them as neighboring, I find that NORTHEASTERN place HE IS North-eastern, as well as SUDESTINO place IS IN the SOUTHEAST, SULISTA IN the SOUTH OR EUROPEAN IN the EUROPE. It is a right ours TO EXPRESS what we feel ' ' I hate the northeast? description of the community: ' ' This community is for who hates the northeast, a fudida region that only has vagabond, corno, puta, and that not of the nothing pro Brazil beyond corrupt politicians and plus a pile of things. If you hate the northeast you participate of this comu! ' ' I hate the northeast? description of the community: ' ' porq they deserve our hatred due to its comodismo' '. I hate paraba in itacoatiara – description of the community: ' ' ATTENTION! FOR THE IGNORANTS OF THE CARIOCA SLANGS! RELATED PARABA THIS TO WHO WAS NOT BORN IN THE PARABA! PARABA IS A SLANG THAT IF IT RELATES TO WHO PAID MICO, IT SAYS HIGH, DIRTY OUR BEACH, CRIES OUT. .FAROFEIROS! For you that frequenta the beach of itacoa and does not support to see people of are ruining the image of the beach who make any thing pra to mainly appear in the holidays and weekend! they seem that they never turn a beach antes.' ' Exist many other virtual communities in the Orkut? which we will not cite here? that they express a preconception opened against the northeasterns, others, in turn, admit not to be prejudiced, alleging the right to express its feelings in relation to the populations north-eastern.