Alexander Klyachin

What happened? I still do not know what the magic of vinyl records. But listen to and enjoy, I just this sound. And this despite the fact that the house was not very bad system, based on products Alexander Klyachin. Magnificent Masters in their field having a look at how the music should transfer the soul of music. My same views on the transfer of music completely coincided with his understanding of music, and I still have a deep respect for his creativity in designing and implementation of the device sends the music, not the sounds that are usually extracted modern sound system.

However, the story I wanted to write not about this, so ceasing digression and continue my story about the restoration. After this player through my hands were still players like the Soviet and foreign. Everything, I repeat all, players of the former ussr were usual freaks and crafts disgusting, no matter how expensive they were not at the Soviet era. But foreign players is a special song. Among them there are both good and bad. But none of them caught me. Here I am met with the Thorens 124-m – a genius I am not afraid of the word invention for audio playback. With the help of his friends in the U.S. ebee was caught and bought and delivered to my player Thorens-124. In connection with the lack of sufficient money machine was selected in a state of living, but not much, but what do you like it was produced in 1957.

Magic Cabin Gift

Many products made of natural gems provide an opportunity to choose a gift, without limiting the flight of fancy, and in accordance with any event. Almost every town has shops and specialty stores with a wide variety of products from natural stone. In this situation, "endless selection" the main criterion for selection should be your personal feeling on the ground with a stone. Choosing, for example, candlestick must remember that it should be lit candle. Fire should give a feeling of domestic comfort, peace and tranquility, clean your home from all negative. Hold the candle in his hand, imagine a lighted candle in it and if you feel warm and clean – this is what they seek. A gift from rock crystal in the form of chandeliers – roads. If you would like to know more then you should visit Secretary of Agriculture. But it's worth it: the pure crystal chandelier on the ceiling will provide the proper circulation of energy in the house.

A gift of this mineral, such as a crystal ball – it's not a cult thing Magic Cabin is your assistant in the study of unknown, difficult to understand. A ball on his desk to help adults and children in the study. For the desk is always required a written instrument. If he malachite, you will not only beautify the workplace, but get rid of melancholy, clear the mind and pacify the emotions. Malachite understands the state of his master, is capable of warning against hasty step and help take the right decision. This stone is like talking and attracts people.