CIS Recruiting

The form of this process is more likely a mentorship. At the moment, learning by doing – the most common form of training in recruiting companies. Many Russian and Ukrainian market operators recruiting services have gone along this path. The system of training of staff in one of the largest Russian companies recruiting looks like this: training in internship and training. For young professionals in the company provided intensive three-day introductory course followed by weekly sessions on specific topics: "Corporate Culture", "Work with a computerized data base," "Introduction to recruitment." For more experienced staff organizes the company not only internal but also external training. Parallel system is used and internships. Internship is an integral part of learning.

At the same time employees are often sent for training either in the central office, or in some other regional (the exchange of trainees). What is the plus of this form learning? It is relatively cheap. Fellow-mentor receives a symbolic reward for their work. The downside is that by training a new employee, he is distracted from its core operations and its efficiency drops. If we do it so as not to suffer the main activity of an experienced recruiter, you will take this process a few weeks at best.

Allow yourself the same as the standard unit training manager or the whole unit, instructional Internal staff can not every agency. But only so-called network agency with offices throughout Ukraine (or Russia), and even throughout the CIS. A more effective solution to this problem – to send young professionals in specialized training.