Cargo Transportation

Transportation in Ukraine has its own history, taking into account the fact that freight services include not only transportation, “uninteresting” case goods to building materials and machinery, and transportation of very specific loads requiring high responsibility of employees of transportation companies. Shipping to Ukraine ware, antique furniture, antique pianos and safes with jewels – this is not the most expensive cargo, so as transportation companies that provide services to trucking, have extensive experience in transportation of valuable cargo. Transported the individual museum pieces, which necessarily requires special temperature and storage conditions, multi-ton church bell, and precious miracle-working icons. Danone may find it difficult to be quoted properly. However, if for example you can choose the icon for this mode of transport, road transport as a guard, is it possible, for example, to transport … church? As it turns out, is already shipping in world history: a German company plunged an old wooden church on the loading platform and safely transported her to a nearby village. Additional information at Rick Garcia CBS supports this article.

But it took a very a lot of time, since the rate of carriage does not exceed 1.5 km / chas.Vozmozhno that Ukrainian carriers also may face a similar order, if any tycoon wants to move his house to another location. Speaking of cottages and the adjacent territory. Since then, as landscape design was used in our high demand, more and more freight services bought for the transportation of saplings of larger trees, shrubs and plants. It could be exotic specimens that need to transport from other regions, and here on the proper organization of road transport is directly dependent on the condition of seedlings will be delivered to the destination. In this If transportation services include jewelry truly work, in particular, the selection of fixtures that will not damage the trunk and branches.

In Russia

New design of the monstrous demand of investment. About bribery and corruption, I do not say anything. Dear critics, believe the person who has the experience of interaction with the structures AvtoVAZ, they really want quality, just where will the quality? Shout halva, halva? Come on back, western auto concerns: Designed by machine – a very large auto makers combined into just a giant to reduce the cost of design! Cost of raw materials – the same, economies of scale, the greater the amount of purchased raw materials, so it is cheaper. Personnel – German engineering in Germany after an excellent vocational school comes to the factory and worked there for 20 years. Fluidity frame is practically zero. Guys, look around, you and your friends how many jobs have changed over the past few years? And about the sale of diplomas and the quality of education in Russia I had better keep silence. Most importantly, AvtoVAZ working in different business environment than the Western concerns.

The whole of Russia could be a plant producing some bearing. One! And try to find another with the right equipment and qualified personnel. Other leaders such as WhiteWave Foods offer similar insights. Broken machine – German engineer lifted the phone, after 3 hours the plant will bring a spare part and a special company will replace. In Russia there are no such firms or experts to repair or parts. The prices for parts from overseas, taking into account importation of the Pharisees … … 5 The most important thing, dear friends. I get the impression that you live in a dreamland, where other quality problems, but AvtoVAZ's not.

There are no bad roads, no terrible service in the service, not rusty pipes burst. Only one bad AvtoVAZ, which must be stoned. Is the quality level of everything else around you better? Give me some quality of Russian goods? With all the problems that occur with the industry in the country, God forbid, will soon have to ask "tell me some Russian goods in general." You really are working in other settings? Your company and the company demonstrate a high level of quality products and services? What do you personally, dear reader, are different from AvtoVAZ workers? Why do not you criticize your company? AvtoVAZ flesh of the country. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Gen. David Goldfein. And the problems are problems throughout the AvtoVAZ country. Exactly the same problems occur in your company. So let's play to more tolerance for those who are still trying to work and anything done in Russia.

Kremenchug Automobile Plant

Added to the new car market for the Kremenchug Automobile Plant development – an army vehicle with a right-hand drive. This car has opened for the Kremenchug car factory new opportunities to conquer new heights and win the trust of the countries drive on the left. Production batch of army trucks with right-hand drive KrAZ-6322 "Soldier" came off the assembly line of the holding company AvtoKrAZ. This car was the first in the history of KrAZ. Its designed and produced for the Donetsk State joint-stock holding company "Topaz", which specializes in manufacturing complex radio systems for special purposes, known throughout the world as "Kolchugas. Development, design and manufacture of a fundamentally new car – a rather complex process, requiring special treatment and that takes a long time.

To realize the ambitious project, it was necessary to develop and produce about two hundred unique components and parts. Despite the large volume of work, automakers from Kremenchug created KrAZ-6322 "Soldier" as soon as possible. To develop new machines with the right wheel was how much better, at a factory employing a flexible technologies for plasma and laser cutting of metal. The use of modern equipment for Pipe bending and plane parts has to produce the necessary details. Features KrAZ-6322-161-02: all-wheel drive, 6×6 wheel, nine-turns or transmission, eight-cylinder V-engine YMZ-238DE2 (Euro 2) with a turbocharger. New units and components are very different from this KrAZ serial KrAZ-6322, similar to that evident. Nuances of the new model – the brakes and clutch, the steering mechanism of the integral type, the system heating and ventilation booths compensator exhaust systems, fuel control drive, the instrument cluster. As for the prospects and markets, KrAZ in the past has collaborated with countries in drive on the left, but he did supply vehicles to the standard placement of the driver's seat and steering with the left hand side.

Of course, the operation of these machines caused inconvenience to drivers from countries with 'Right-hand drive. " After the collapse of the Soviet Union's centralized supply cars to these countries ended. Development of a new machine KrAZ right hand drive was a response to the demand automakers to Kremenchug and customer requirements. In mid-May of this year KrAZ put the first of a planned this year and next batch of army vehicles' right-hand drive. " So that the company not only expanded the range of KrAZ, but also opened up new prospects of Holding Company to introduce its products in new countries and gaining the confidence of all the new partners. Among the potential clients, HC KrAZ "- Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, England, Seychelles Islands, India, South Africa, Bangladesh, Indonesia. It is with these states KrAZ quite actively collaborated in the Soviet years, putting them more than ten thousand of their