Freight Materials

The logistic one of market involves some activities and the first one of them is the forecast of sales, on the basis of which the company programs its distribution, the production and the levels of supplies. The production plans indicate the materials that the department of purchases must order. Carried these materials they enter in the reception area and are storaged in the deposit of raw materials and these converted into finished products. The supply of finished products is the linking of the customers and the activity of manufacture. If you are not convinced, visit Gregg Engles.

The order of the customers reduces the level of supply of the finished products and the activity of makes it to manufacture to increase. The finished products leave the assembly line and pass for the section of packing, for the internal deposit of the plant, for the processing of embarkment, the external transport, the external deposit and the delivery and attendance to the customer (KLOTER, 2000). When definite and planned the logistic objectives, the company must project a system that minimizes the costs to reach these objectives. Each system of logistic of market will lead to the following possible cost: L = F + AF + AV + CP Where; L = total cost of the logistic system considered F= total cost of the freight of considered system AF= total cost of the system of storage of considered system AV= total changeable cost of storage (including supply) of the system considered total CP=custo of the loss of sales due to the average delay in the deliveries of the system the adequate use of the formula, according to kloter (2000), will take to an acceptable level of service to the customer, having had each company to use if of information technologies and other ways for giving to efficiency and effectiveness more good the operations and processes, making a use of the formula in accordance with its objective organizacionais..

New Forest Code

The thematic one of the environment is always present in the interest of the society, notadamente now, when it is argued with more tenacity and more celeridade in the National Congress objectifying the approval of the new Forest Code. It has many years did not exist the culdado one that the nature deserved, however, of some time for the responsible people they had started here to practise acts that are condizentes with the conservation of the life in the land, where the beings livings creature can have greater security of living in a more healthful and sustainable environment. Unhappyly, nor all the people think of this form, not only about Brazil as in other countries. Object of great controversy, in 24 of May of 2011 the Federal Chamber approved with some emendations the Project of Law 1,876/2009 that, after the approval in the Federal Senate, will have to be changedded into the main law that will go to regulate the relation of the Brazilian with the nature, notadamente in agricultural areas. However, given the great controversy, it is very probable that in the Senate serious modifications occur in this project of law approved in the Chamber. Fact that will take its return to the Chamber. Of any form, it is an advance that will have to take Brazil to adopt a law of regulation of the use of the natural resources condizente with the maintenance of the conditions of the nature next to the current ones. In accordance with the Institute of Pesquisas Econmicas Aplicadas (IPEA), exists 5.181.595 agricultural property totalizing 571 million hectares. Of this total, 4,6 million are of properties considered for familiar agriculture (small properties that are enough agriculturist to work it and of it to take off its sustenance and its familiar ones, using the proper force of work, of familiar the e, eventually, of third), corresponding 90% of the country properties in Brazil.