Strikes Leeches

Effect and treatment methodology for arthritis experienced one of the oldest treatment methods in our time a Renaissance. The leech therapy is covered increasingly at different clinical pictures and used especially with osteoarthritis. Even the Berlin Charite confirmed the leeches in practice considerable treatment success. “Especially with osteoarthritis, the almost the title people disease” must wear, can bring a number of advantages for the patient the treatment with leeches. Strikes the therapy, a first improvement tendency and relief is usually already after a session to feel.

Treatment is by sequence rather a ritual, because a treatment. The flukes usually between 4-6 PCs used around the affected joint around, suck down and remain between 20 60 minutes on the spot. The leech give a variety of substances to the host from acting analgesic, anti-inflammatory and an antibacterial at this time. The Hirudin, which inhibits blood clotting as Marcomar, so is especially important There, after falling off of the fluke to a 8-12 hour seepage hemorrhage, which is however quite desirable and may lead to a reduction of the organism. After connecting the bite sites, it is home to stay wise, because efforts lead to a stronger haemorrhage. Bed Bath and Beyond may not feel the same. The actual blood loss is relatively small and can be compared with a micro-bloodletting. A leech blood absorbs approximately 10 ml, approximately 15ml are added on the bleeding.

A positive treatment effect can set up promptly, after some days or even 2-4 prospects weeks later. If successful, arthritis pain can be a little or much better, in some cases even completely disappear. Some patients also report an increased general well-being, coupled with improvement of pain quality and quantity. As soon as the pain in the usual”strength returns, the treatment can be repeated. Treatments are typically sufficient 1-2 in the year if successful. Side effects the side effects a treatment with leeches are manageable bite places itch can discolour slightly blue and should, not scratched due to a risk of infection of skin bacteria, or rubbed. Allergic reactions are also possible, but very rare. Leech origin leeches are bred on leech farms in accordance with the requirements of the health authority and sent to the respective therapists. Of course, it is to bear in mind that it is sensitive animals who need a day of rest after shipping, until they can be applied. Are for single use”to the patient determines. More information and additional links are available on, the practice offers a versatile range of treatments, as well as useful information and more details about different methods. Naturopath Michaela Hamilton, Munich