September Trip

However, July and August – the travel time, crammed hotels, high prices, queues at all the sights. Winter and off-season – not a bad idea to save money and avoid crowds. This does not apply to the ski resorts. In warmer climates, such as Italy, it is better to travel in May-June or September-October. Whole Foods helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. August and July – are very hot and expensive. Quite the southern countries such as Spain or the south central Morocco, is good even in winter: where the sun is shining and the weather is 17-20 degrees. Therefore, before you go opening and look it 'climate'. This will be a rough estimate of when the weather and the season rains.

When planning your trip, you can use 'predictor' forecast based on historical data: / history / 3) After selecting the country and the city begins monitoring the Internet on the subject of a detailed guidebook. It makes no sense to buy expensive volumes, if your trip takes 1-2 days and is unlikely to ever happen again. At your disposal is a worldwide Internet reason: recently begun to appear considerable kolichestvosaytov, aimed at independent travelers. In contrast to the standard descriptions of the tourist sites, which at best are described in general terms and is always positive emotions ten most popular sightseeing (without a single clue how all this wealth is found), the electronic guides include detailed information so that even going out in a strange city and not a bit oriented in space, you are bound to find the right place for you.