Second Custodian Bank

“HELABA awarded the rating score ‘ very good ‘ rating of companies for TELOS and coming Alpha institutional consulting certifies the Landesbank Hessen Thuringen Girozentrale (Helaba) a ‘very good’ custodian with a rating score of”2”. Helaba is the second custodian (after the BNP Paribas secur. Services) and at the same time the first custodian bank headquartered in Germany, which itself has undergone a full qualitative analysis according to strict and strictly defined quality criteria. The institutional business of Helaba in Germany with the customer group corporations, pension funds, pension funds, foundations and financial institutions was investigation of the custodian bank ratings of Helaba and was subjected to a rigorous testing. The rating is divided into the areas of management, customers, production and infrastructure. While the analysts pay particular attention to areas interest directly to the customers “Storage and processing, fund accounting, reporting, IT, sales and customer service”. All behind these processes with the responsible employees were analyzed and evaluated.

According to the TELOS, Helaba is one of the leading providers in Germany in the custody and custody Bank business. The complete rating report is available on the website of TELOS under as well as… available. The custodian bank rating shall show the customers according to Dr. Frank Kaddi, who partners of the TELOS, rating agency, extent to which a custodian bank will be able to meet the high demands of investors with a view on the quality of the offered services and value-added services. TELOS has established itself in recent years as master-KAGen, asset managers and Fund rating agency and has significantly expanded its rating services through cooperation with the consultancy firm coming Alpha with the new rating to the custodian bank. We are convinced that the rating reports will be a useful support for the decision-making process in the selection of a custodian bank in the institutional business”, Clemens Schuerhoff of managing partner of advent Alpha notes. It are currently more custodians in the rating process. For more information we are personally or via email at available.