Russian Federation

on the facades of buildings, loggias and balconies association with the premises – are complex and need to redesign them to be performed on pre-developed and coordinated the project in due course. Consider a generic process of harmonization of simple alterations. Often the work is done in standard apartments for example, combine a bathroom with a bathroom, entrance of the room doing an isolated, ie raise or take down non-bearing walls. Approval procedure of this kind of alterations include the following steps: 1. Project; 2.

Approval of the draft alterations to the appropriate authorities with the approval of the Interagency Committee (IAC) of the Administrative District 3. Symantha Rodriguez often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Carrying out works contracting organization for re-planning room, 4. Delivery completed redevelopment. Commission for acceptance of the works (ERM), with the preparation of an act of acceptance 5. Measuring the room with the issuance of new PIBom documents (technical and cadastral passport), 6. Filing documents privatization of the district Privatization Agency, or (if the apartment is owned by) changes in the Unified State Register of Rights to obtain a new certificate of ownership, of course, before procedure, you must have a certificate of ownership, technical passport at the apartment.

I explained the procedure for approval of a simple rearrangement, containing no complications. – Do not dwell on the complex redevelopment, as We can not cover them all, and each case must be considered individually. Let's talk about the process of legalization of alterations that have already been made, but not documented. According to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation "of unauthorized (illegal) apartment redevelopment redevelopment is carried out without obtaining a prescribed manner appropriate consent or conducted in violation of the agreed draft of redevelopment. " Order to legitimize the unauthorized alterations depending on their complexity. – What sanctions can be applied to someone who has made illegal alterations? According to Article 7.21.