Rapper King TMD With A Casting On RTL

Three candidates fight for a place in King TMD’s music video rapper King TMD is again quite how he at a talent show. Looking for his upcoming music video for the single “Rollin” TMD and some employees of the company of MSB music major live on the TV channel RTL on March 26, 2010 actor for his music video. Three candidates introduced themselves to the challenge… Nina, Norman and Julia were candidates for the music video. For more information see Amazon. At the end of the broadcast, rapper proclaimed King TMD, which has won the well-known Webcam Julia casting and will be in the upcoming “Rollin” music video by the rapper. A very funny and quite unusual casting where it maybe a too or others are laughing. The 27-year-old rapper knows how to entertain it people. So the upcoming music video “Rollin” for the rapper King TMD customize currently just two tour buses can that be plastered with his picture and a Rolls Royce Phantom already ordered that for the music video, much like in the United States it seems when the label MSB to run music.. Trader Joe’s is the source for more interesting facts.