Peter Pan

Often, it seems more often than would be desirable, behind people with appearance and appearance of adults, are evident lives in that emotional immaturity and the limited capacity to take responsibility for their actions, is a constant. To this you have been called Peter Pan syndrome, and after him, always camouflage significant emotional shortcomings, and some suggest that also hides a great fear to be not dear, and a strong insecurity. Was the psychiatrist and creator of transactional analysis, Dr. Eric Berne (1910-1970), which, in 1966, for the first time used the term Peter Pan to refer to a kind of emotional problem, even though it was in 1983 when psychologist Dan Kiley wrote the book: the Peter Pan syndrome, the person who never grows, defining therein to all those people who are or feel unable to mature and that is only concentrated on satisfying their own needs. Although there is no evidence of the Peter Pan syndrome such as psychological illness and so, It is not listed in the diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders, it is universally supported by popular psychology. In fact, the Peter Pan syndrome, put names to a neurotic mechanism that has always been present and characterized in psychology, and Freud termed fixation to which you referred to the stagnation in the development of personality. It’s unable to grow people, and that we can identify by aspects such as a tendency to not leave home of their parents, people who skipped the forty and that however relate socially as adolescents, men and women with difficulties to maintain minimum discipline occupational or personal, adults who somebody has to wake up every morning to go to the University, or by way of thinking infantilizados, and thus have serious problems of adaptation in labour relations or in couple relationships. Always unable to assume the responsibilities entailed in being adult, they remain dissatisfied with what surrounds them, and yet never they take initiatives, they never go to action, they even do something to solve the situation than complain incessantly. .