It was the first computer rather surely like being sent to the market commercially, this Pascal young person presented/displayed his machine to before add in the year 1,642. years 1,623, the German William Schickardt described for the first time a machine that could conduct the basic operations of the mathematics (to add, to remain, to multiply and to divide). Much more behind schedule IBM made a similar machine based on writings lazy by its inventor. The design of the original machine realised by Schickardt was destroyed by the flames and it was never gotten to reconstruct. The Pascal young person was son of collector of taxes reason why dedicated itself to work in a machine that reduced to its father the work to him and at the same time the great amount of errors that were committed. This Pascal young person got to be a great mathematician, father of the projective geometry and theory of probability also.

Between his inventions not only one is the calculator, but also the Hydraulic Press, it got to work arduously and their experiments in Physical on Pressure explained the Atmospheric pressure and the Emptiness. In its honor the name of Pascal occurred him to a unit of Pressure (Pa). It is not something Secretary of Agriculture would like to discuss. In year 1,968 also Pascal was called to a computer language. As one knows to 300 years them in the last principle basic used by Pascal in the mechanisms of wheels and gears is continued using in our days, for the construction of the mechanical calculators, these basic principles are mentioned next: Can be obtained automatically a digit, by means of a hook mechanism? The subtraction it carries out investing the direction of the dials for the sum. The multiplication and the division are realised by means of sum and repeated subtractions, following the same principle of the abacus. Still in the Sixties the slide rules could be located to machines with this design, like, which were replaced in the Seventies by the electronic calculators.