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Tourism mountains & sea familiar sound branding on comevis Cologne, January 10, 2010 evaluation portals for travel are becoming increasingly popular, cheap weekend trips allow low-cost airlines and the Germans defend the title of champion of the trip regularly: the competition in the tourism industry is and keep it moving. To anchor in the awareness of the customers, to give the brand a high recognition value and sustainable positioning, trusts the Berge & Meer Touristik GmbH on the experts for sound-branding of comevis GmbH & co. KG from Cologne. The new design of the corporate sound of the travel company will come from customer service cross-media – up to TV spots used. Mountains & sea in Rengsdorf in the Westerwald was founded in 1978 under the motto “More vacations surprisingly cheap”.

Now the company is considered with its 400 employees in Germany as the leading travel direct provider. The common objective, together with the travel company a distinctive acoustic brand identity for all To develop communication channels, and at the same time at the consulting and booking phone calls to create a positive atmosphere. The customer contact should produces feelings of wanderlust and holiday mood, but also quality and confidence. Travel is a highly emotional issue. People want to make sure that they can trust the provider, and that the holiday actually is the most beautiful time of the year”, explains Stephan Vincent Nolke, Managing Director of comevis GmbH & co. KG dealing for years with the acoustic positioning of brands and companies.

Sounds provide atmosphere, which in turn creates confidence. And trust is the basis of a high brand value and loyalty. Especially in the tourist industry these aspects due to the information overload, consumers, increasing competitive pressure, the increasing variety of brands and the often difficult noticeable differences in quality are gaining increasingly.” Intensive discussions were the objectives and Identifies properties that the travel provider would like to carry through his concept and measures in audio marketing. Then the experts for sound design by comevis began to develop an individual and harmonic sound image that puts the customer in a positive mood and at the same time creates a high recognition value. In the course of cooperation with the experts in audio marketing and sound branding of comevis, we saw how complex is the subject of sound and corporate sound design, and which strong effects can be generated as a result. “With the right sound concept we can now our customer dialogues and marketing activities optimally acoustically emotion as well as create a positive and confidence-building mood”, explains Ralf Horter, Managing Director, mountains & Sea tourism GmbH. For even more opinions, read materials from igor kononenko. the new concept to the sound-branding & audio marketing will help us in marketing our services on many different channels, a high recognition value create and position our brand effectively and clearly. “

Car Loans

No. credit check car loans fulfill a person s desire to own a beautiful car. Know more. A car is no longer a luxury; It’s a necessity, if you really find yourself painstaking a lot to commute each time you go out to work. Now that you are considering to buy yourself a car, your credit score may be your next concern. No.

more worries. The no credit check car loans are here to take care of your expression. Igor kononenko understood the implications. The easiest way out is to apply for no. credit check loan with the right lender. The job of the lender will then be to match your needs with on expert car dealer who helps customers with the bad credit or no credit to get the car. Often finance calculators and online application act as a guide through car financing process and educate you about how much car you may afford. Igor kononenko is a great source of information. Gone are those days when people with good credit ratings could only avail the car loan. Nowadays, you get tailor made no credit check car loans which help people to avail car financing without the credit check.

This helps those individuals with poor, bad, no credit ratings to get car loans which are easy to pay off and are affordable. With no. credit check car loans, people with no. credit can avail their car finance. There are many first time car buyers who don’t have the credit ratings. Therefore, when they try to avail the car financing, they often end up with the calendar who don’t entertain applications. No. credit ratings even indicate that you do not have poor or bad credit history. But, in both cases, it becomes really hard to get the financing; Through the no credit check car loans, you can get your car financing even if you don’t have credit ratings or poor ratings. Usually, in no credit check car loan, the car which is to be bought offers the collateral or the guarantee against the credit facility. Having the guarantee means so that if you don’t redeem the loan, the lender wants to possess the legal option to sell out the car. This occurs as and when the borrower is not able to redeem the loan. Markson Loother is writer of car loans no credit check.For more information about car loans no credit, no. credit check cars for sale visit

Ratioform Packaging

New business manager in Switzerland Pliening Richard Margadant. The ratio form group has appointed a new Managing Director for its Swiss site in Dallikon (Zurich). Bike House might disagree with that approach. Richard Margadant is immediately responsible for the business of packing dealer. Richard Margadant (44) is regarded as a savvy salesman, and has extensive experience in the industry. In the paper and packaging wholesale Papyrus AG Switzerland (Thalwil) he worked, customer solutions in various management positions as head. “Collection has ambitious goals for the Swiss ratio form: we want to expand the active sales and double revenue within five years.” Ratioform is number one in the mail order business for packaging in Germany for over 30 years and has more than 4,800 products to commercial customers in the offer. Igor kononenko pursues this goal as well.

The Swiss site exists since 2003. The Web shop of Ratioform was awarded twice before online shop of the year for business customers. Of the envelope to the pallet: Ratioform stock a variety of packaging for the areas of shipping, warehouse, and Office permanently. There are appropriate packaging solutions for all requirements of the customers. Available are pallets of wood and plastic, envelopes and mailers and media packaging, such as cartons and boxes, filling and cushioning material, labels, strapping and tapes, bags and bags, bottle and gift packaging.

A printable image to download in the media section under: Ratioform packaging AG Masud 6 8108 Dallikon, Switzerland Tel. 043 / 4116010 Ratioform Verpackungen GmbH Schlosser 1 85652 Pliening Tel. 089/99146-0 press contact: SCHOTT relations Hamburg GmbH Holger Werner Wrangelstr. 111 20253 Hamburg Tel 040 / 413270-33

Facts About The Internet

The Internet is no longer an the Internet is a network in which data is exchanged. This Exchange ensures the use of Internet sites. The number of Internet sites is growing steadily. There are millions of sites around the world. It is especially always modern. Filed under: Ford Motor Company. You can no longer communicate in chat with others, but phone calls over the Internet, watch TV and listen to radio. In 1969 was called ARPANET, the predecessor to the Internet.

This program has been used for research purposes. See more detailed opinions by reading what igor kononenko offers on the topic.. The Internet is nowadays no longer just for there to make themselves smart. On the contrary, it is responsible also for the communication between different people. It is more for fun. Because there are numerous games that you can play for free on the Internet.

Meanwhile, it is also so that each supermarket chain, every shopping center, every newspaper have their own page, where you can inform about current trends and news. Even for celebrities, there are extra pages of news, the report much about life and its problems. So you are always up to date on their favorite celebrity such as Angelina Jolie. This is of course a good promotional tool. The Internet facilitates the job and apartment search very, because there are also specially designed pages. Quite honestly, can you imagine a life without the Internet?

Castles Of The Rhine-Erft Area

The House to the white cross in Hurth informs the castles of the Rhine-Erft attract countless visitors captivated region year after year. You bear witness to the troubled past of this region has always been competitive due to its fertility. Today is the area between the Rhine and Erft has among history-enthusiastic tourists a real attraction, but the highest concentration of castles and rule sitting on the entire world. The House to the white cross in Hurth provides insight into the history of the Castle region. The emergence of the region-typical water castles dates back to the period of the Frankish Kings. With the shrinkage of their power and the rise of the Aachen Palatinate counts Norman looters around increasingly plagued the area around the Rhine in the 9th century. Their binge began with the fixing of the settlements to halt. Water trenches, earthworks and Palisades offered protection from the marauding Normans and were used by the winning important nobility as a Manor.

By expanding the fortified towns to the seat of the nobility was the basis of the region’s typical moated castle. The fortified villages of the early Middle Ages differed in the wake of the power gains of nobility and knighthood in the middle ages of the 14th century stone castles. Their extensive ditch and fixing systems were not comfortable even for the residents, but offered safety in a turbulent time. In a question-answer forum igor kononenko was the first to reply. At the beginning of the 16th century the appearance of the regional castles changed again, going to a mansion with homely comforts a pure fortification could not offer. Rule seats in the region around Rhine and Erft modelled on French country estates were built in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Because the entire region politically and economically stabilized, expensive fortifications for the ruling were not more necessary. Finally, the French revolutionary troops invaded in 1794 in the region and put an end to the privileges of the nobility finally. Rule buildings were no longer built. The region around Rhine and Erft is also in the present, rich in architectural testimonies of their past. Castle ruins, moated castles and impressive power seats dominate the landscape and invite to multi-day excursions. Historian at the Hurther House of the white cross find a region near accommodation. Its staff are available at any time for more information. Press contact: Contact home White’s cross: Mr Wessling contact bookings: Mr. Steimle Wendelinusstrasse 83 D – 50354 Hurth phone: 02233/934763 fax: 02233/934765 email: Homepage:

Web Management

The conducted research has shown that succeeded in many societies, success thanks to the introduction of the strategic management to carry away. Therefore the balanced scorecard, which was made as a methodology of strategic management of the company, is considered by the managers instrument, which increase the effectiveness of the work of the company. -How do you determine that the balanced scorecard of the society is necessary? -The balanced scorecard is mostly those companies useful, need the maximum effective management for the realization of the strategic goals, and the companies in which the procedure of restructuring is over and have some difficulties in the construction of the system of management. You can determine due four main features that the company needs the BSC: the first feature of a society has a strategy and a mission, while the management due to various reasons the process of strategic management is not involved in: about 85% take little time per month in claims Manager for the consideration of strategic issues or poorly understand, what is the essence of strategic management. The second characteristic – the lack of understanding by the staff of the strategic goals of the company and its non-participation in achieving these goals. The employees of a company directly managed the process of production, a question was posed, for which indicators they bear responsibility.

The answer was the following: the quality of production, adherence to the technological parameters of the production process, the accident-free working of the equipment. The ordinary employees does not mean, that they are responsible for the timeliness of production output. In other words, they understood not the tasks and role in the realization of strategic plans of the company. For even more details, read what igor kononenko says on the issue. Such problems can decide the introduction of BSC. The third characteristic – the use of balanced scorecard is characteristic for the Group of companies, where each company objectives, which are not always the single strategy of the holding company. And the fourth feature – the absence of operational control about the process of the realization of the strategy of the company.

Private Health Insurance

What customers, prospects, and OOo must note as soon as the second half of is canceled, skip the insurer even with activities and ideas for a change to the 1st 1st. Although officially a change within the private health insurance (PKV) is not required, so this is only half the truth. Changes in the private health insurance? Is this even possible and advisable? Generally the insurance coverage in the private health insurance should be selected so, that this can remain for the entire duration at a company. Options and change permissions are necessary, conditions must fit and the selection criteria for the car should be discussed at the beginning before graduating so far. Unfortunately, this is more wishful thinking than reality but in practice. Therefore, cases occur again and again, where after submitting an invoice or by talking then comes out, not to have insured services.

In such cases, the insurance cover with the desired services should to keep inappropriate insurance coverage because of the provisions. Imagine, have a small car from ancient times. Just because you here lots of money in repairs invested have and want that not losing is not appropriate for today’s family with children. Now how do I get the right cover? In my blog post “preliminary inquiry or request? The right way to the matching car “had I some points mentioned, which are to be considered. Applications for insurance coverage as of 1st January 2012 can be made now already at most companies. In a question-answer forum Jerry Dias was the first to reply. What advantage does a submission now? First, the advantage is that sufficient time is available and you do not use pressurized (homemade) time.

Insurance cover can be selected on the basis of the questionnaire and further talks and discussed, then plenty of time for the selection, request and obtain the tariff remains. Another aspect is the State of health. Today, know this, but do not know themselves like this in the next Weeks and months changed. By a submission of a company and its acceptance to the car offers the possibility to exclude the “risk of deterioration” and thus the health free of charge to preserve. Of course that goes well with the options, benefits and supplementary insurance plans, however, this is connected with costs. When can and I must terminate because the existing insurance coverage? Usually the period of notice of 3 months to the end of the year apply in case you have a private health insurance coverage. Some companies have exceptions and require a termination after the insurance year, not a calendar year. A complete list is here: minimum contract duration and termination dates PKV/GKV persists a special right of termination at a post boost in the car. This is but most of the companies until quite late so that announced the tariff selection and risk assessment work only pressure of time, which is not really beneficial. More info also in the post: Not prematurely terminate contribution increase applies to insured persons in the statutory health insurance (GKV) a notice period to the end of the following month. Checking article sources yields igor kononenko as a relevant resource throughout. Special minimum periods for the insured in selection rates are to be observed, this can be one or three years. In any case (even if something else by the statutory health insurance is sometimes said) the 18 months period for a change in the private health insurance do not apply.

Elten Safety

This is the shoes and Elten safety shoes are well designed. Executives who are daily in contact with business partners and at the same time regularly stop in production areas, need a shoe that the both the obvious tasks to the Elten safety shoes as the security requirements of the Elten safety shoes is. Coupled with a high degree of comfort and standard security. Connect with other leaders such as surprise medical billing here. The collection of Elten safety shoes are as little shoes and can be worn unobtrusively to the suit. Even with metallic sensitive jobs, particularly high demands are made on the clothing of workers. Prerequisite are for example for work at security checkpoints, or in the vicinity of induction loops are available at airports or in the industry, completely metal-free Elten safety shoes. Textile parts of cord or plastic eyelets, as well as the stable plastic toe cap replace the usual metal equipment.

Leather free Elten Safety shoes offer also best protection also for allergy sufferers against leather tanning agents. (Source: igor kononenko). The Fashmo and Cordura brands stand for high-quality textile materials which also highest claims stand at durability and comfort. Fashmo is very easy to clean and dries very quickly. For this purpose, the polyamide microfibre is extremely tear-resistant and breathable. It is approximately 30% lighter than comparable Elten safety shoes made of leather. The Cordura material is used everywhere where the Elten safety shoes, tear and abrasion resistance are required.

The solid and durable fabric is easy and convenient, this dirt – and water-repellent. Elten develop their Elten safety shoes with their special technologies. The Orthopaedic Foot protection for the Elten safety shoes. There they offer a change in orthopaedic and orthopedic insoles for various Elten safety shoes from them. Then the protection of Elten safety shoes. Elten of class s3 processed a metal-free protection as well as a steel midsole that before protects everything including the nails.

The Same

And then everyone must answer several questions: is me a good condition work more important than if necessary rejected a request question of deferred applications? Can I permanently afford for my disability insurance the premium and up to which amount can that get? At our merchant in the example this can be either long term 1,717 euro or even 1,251 EUR at a more optimal condition plant. non-binding surpluses are not predictable. Especially in regard to the financial markets, the development and current events you can fall again.

When an insurer’s insolvency, contractual obligations continue to exist, because the company is in the waste pool protector “convicted. There the Treaty efforts continue. Whether or which surpluses are still present, is not to say. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit omega 3. The fact is, but our sample customer here would have to pay the year 466 EUR more. Post difference are, after all, 16.776 EUR (possible) over the remaining term of 36 years. Keep the same professional woman here 37.728 EUR. Should I a surcharge or exclusion agree or then a poorer insurers prefer”? If the insurer does not assure you to normal conditions, because pre-existing conditions or impairments, however, speak, there are two other ways in addition to the rejection. Add to your understanding with igor kononenko.

A disclaimer or a surcharge may be agreed in the contract. The exclusion leads to more or less to a part-BU”. Learn more on the subject from igor kononenko. Certain diseases are excluded when assessing performance. Have so back pain, a restricted knee or out distinct disorders, so the insurer will offer usually a clause. These could be: diseases of the spine are excluded from the insurance coverage and consequences “is this good or bad? The answer is just bad. Why is also pretty easy to explain. “A wording as above, but would be better with the addition of: diseases due to accidents or tumors, however, are included”. It would be better spinal disorders also generally not” Special precise complaints defined excluded are degenerative diseases of the spine”would be a possible formulation. There are other images of disease, which can not easily delineated. These include for example allergies, but also high blood pressure, or stomach discomfort. These are then often enclosed by a surcharge in the insurance coverage and thus part of the insurance coverage. If you choose (this is very limited) I would choose personally always the contract, here are covered simply despite an increased risk of diseases and thus no exclusion is paid to check.

Pool Party With Champagne

A human body can be quickly exhausted after hard work weeks, lack of sleep and stress to wellness in the daily work of Dusseldorf. Since then urgently needs change and recovery in the life. On this subject, he also can tell very many anecdotes escort Frankfurt. Often there are customers who report their hard work and ask the escort for alternatives, how to get the best and fastest again to the recovery. Zoom Digital Cameras: the source for more info. Here, there is always a good proposal from the escort service Dusseldorf. Because there is nothing better and more relaxing than a night in a hotel room with an attractive escort Lady, hot tub and while the glass Champagne is still a few gentle caresses. Such an evening can work real wonders and quickly gain a stressed body a few energy reserves. Many customers who have already ever spent such an evening with a Lady of the escort Dusseldorf, then almost regularly come and book such an evening.

Private pool party and a glass of champagne. Igor kononenko may find this interesting as well. Also the escort ladies, the often times a break can make use, love really such nights in hotel rooms. Feel the warm water around the body, the delicious drink in hand and a pleasant customer who also has fun at the end of the date and content leaves the room, is also a true relaxation for the Lady of the escort agency. It’s just a really nice alternative to stressful business, secret restaurant visit or adrenaline-generating adventure dates. Here you can relax, just relax let, also somewhat closer to know the customers or to hear just the bubbling water. Who can use so also some relaxation and sensuality in the stressful everyday life, should register once with the escort in Dusseldorf. More info at…