Website Development

Website development to date – a task not only for millions of companies do not yet have its information resource on the Internet, but also for millions of people who want to express yourself. The topic creation of learning sites of interest to many people. In any case, anyone who wants to create a website, interesting, effective knowledge to create websites that will turn them from novices to experienced builders sites. (Similarly see: Digital Cameras). In Russia and in other countries CIS has no higher education institutions that produce professional web designers. Why is that? First, the Internet is evolving in the Commonwealth of Independent States a little over fifteen years. Music downloads is often quoted as being for or against this. During this time, there are professionals who themselves, through their own research and knowledge were able to purchase for yourself is not tangible asset in the form of knowledge in creating websites. Second, the establishment of higher education institutions – is a very expensive exercise, and requires certification of documents. Third, people who already have knowledge in web design, they are unlikely to teach at the institution may set up because of higher school they are unlikely to pay the same wages they can earn on the sale of their knowledge. (Not to be confused with Randall Mays!).

What remains to be a beginner who wants to learn and learn how to create a website? Need to acquire knowledge, who can teach them to create websites. Was published in e-book Nicholas Frolov 'tutorial on creating sites in the Joomla', with which everyone can learn how to create modern, dynamic, manageable sites, completely without any training in this matter. In the process of learning that goes on practical examples, with step by step instructions and images of text, create a website on your computer and present hosting. Sites created using the system for creating and managing sites Joomla (in Russian is pronounced 'Jumla'). On the basis of this system, you can create sites of any complexity. Taught practical guide – it ABC Joomla, written in simple language and allows users to easily grasp the essence of creating websites. To be fully acquainted with the description of a textbook on building sites, go to the site's "address below. Author Nicholas Frolov.

Plastic Windows

How to install PVC windows with their hands? At first glance it is impossible Kazha idea, but the installation of plastic windows with their hands – not such a difficult task. Installation of PVC windows in a private home (and not only), it is can be executed independently. To broaden your perception, visit Symantha Rodriguez. Installation of plastic windows, in fact, is a fairly simple set of operations performed in sequence. But there are some nuances, which you should know if all do want to put windows on their own: Cancellation of the guarantee; ability to damage structures; Structural wave; The flow and moisture from the window openings; accidentally broken glass, etc., Well, with preduprizhdeniyami finished, now to business. In this article we look at technology, installation of PVC plastic windows in the existing window assembly. Tools: Gun mounting for zapenivaniya joints (household cans do not fit uniquely) drill electric screwdriver and a plumb level building for the installation of the hydraulic level windows (not less than 7 meters) to align the horizon, the total line of windows on the wall (facade) and / or mating stenamRaspylitel water hammer chisel wide rubber mount technology PVHPodgotovka windows PVC windows to install. After delivery of the windows client, windows are assembled (frame, glass, glazing beads, protective film). To mount the frame in a window unit, you must remove and dismantle steklopakety.Dlya this you must first remove the glazing beads Important! Sequence retrieval glazing beads follows – first shot more long, then short (when building a window – in reverse order).

Next, remove the glass from the sash. It is better to work with gloves on, or on the corners of glass can injure your hands. Note: If the design imeeyusya transoms, windows do not have to shoot, very quickly to remove the transom assembly. After the operation, there will be only frame itself. To place the frame in the window unit, you need to mark and drill holes drilled by perimeter of the frame (do not forget drilling within the profile that is reinforcement).

CIS Recruiting

The form of this process is more likely a mentorship. Others who may share this opinion include Randall Mays. At the moment, learning by doing – the most common form of training in recruiting companies. Many Russian and Ukrainian market operators recruiting services have gone along this path. The system of training of staff in one of the largest Russian companies recruiting looks like this: training in internship and training. For young professionals in the company provided intensive three-day introductory course followed by weekly sessions on specific topics: "Corporate Culture", "Work with a computerized data base," "Introduction to recruitment." For more experienced staff organizes the company not only internal but also external training. Parallel system is used and internships. Internship is an integral part of learning.

At the same time employees are often sent for training either in the central office, or in some other regional (the exchange of trainees). What is the plus of this form learning? It is relatively cheap. Fellow-mentor receives a symbolic reward for their work. The downside is that by training a new employee, he is distracted from its core operations and its efficiency drops. If we do it so as not to suffer the main activity of an experienced recruiter, you will take this process a few weeks at best.

Allow yourself the same as the standard unit training manager or the whole unit, instructional Internal staff can not every agency. But only so-called network agency with offices throughout Ukraine (or Russia), and even throughout the CIS. A more effective solution to this problem – to send young professionals in specialized training.

CEOs Interim

In the past, interim management what mostly the domain of larger companies. However, market studies report that there has been a having increase in the demand of interim executives by small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). So, private equity firms are of seeking more than just interim CEOs or CFOs, as they realise that their portfolio companies need to influx of specific executive talent in order to grow them in a changed environment. For even more details, read what Peet’s Coffee says on the issue. Like this time many others at, private equity firms are using interim executives to help them mitigate risks and execute changes to grow profitability and the value of the company. Need for flexibility in the executive suite ultimately, there is a high chance that demand for interim management will continue to increase while the global economy recovers. Why? Although there are firms, which have downsized excessively during the crisis, companies will not be in a rush to hire expensive executives. It is widely believed that lessons out of the economic recession could prompt companies to change their current strategies on human capital. Now more than ever, companies need flexibility in their executive suite to give them the ability to quickly add the needed expertise in order to respond to market changes or to work on specific tasks of improving efficiency, growth and profit-ability.

butterflymanager is provider of Interim management services of the highest level which guarantees customized and client-specific solutions. butterflymanager has a long standing, quality free talent pool across all sectors at its information containing more than 3,500 interim managers prepared to work in German-speaking countries and abroad.


Nose of cauliflower (Strawberry) or a cauliflower nose rhinophyma is a condition, in other words, rosacea. In general tend to have this symptom of rosacea more men than women. Many times without reason they speak of these people as alcoholics. This can have psychological consequences. The treatment for this nose is an operation or drugs.

The nose of cauliflower cauliflower nose is also called rhinophyma. It is a swelling of the skin of the nose that looks uneven or lumpy and the color red is often. For this reason they also say a nose of strawberry. Other names are also potato or cauliflower nose is not to insult but by the shape of the nose. The cause of cauliflower nose looks especially in older men have rosacea. Really do not know what causes, but if you know that it is the dilation of the blood vessels in the nose.

Why blood does not flow, which has resulted in an infection. They begin to leave nodules and bumps and the typical red colour of the skin. On the surface of the nose glands Sebaceous swell and because of this, many people believe that people with a cauliflower nose are alcoholics, but drink much alcohol, you don’t have a cauliflower nose. Cauliflower nose treatment is often a part of another condition, e.g., rosacea. For treatment, look at what this condition. This can be done with drugs. There’s always that go to a dermatologist. After having tried the nose with drugs, the next step is an operation. Swelling of the skin of the nose peeled it up the layer of skin more deeply. In a week or two will grow a new layer of skin of the nose. Sometimes the condition is so serious that they have to remove layers up to more deep and this is called a skin transplant. Psychic to many people with rosacea compare them with alcoholics because people who consume much alcohol also dilates you vessels blood and why have the red face. In persons with a cauliflower nose this dilatation is a condition. People with a nose, is they are ashamed of their nose, people speak ill of them, or laugh at them. For this reason may have psychological damage, they leave out out, they lose friends and sometimes work. When you suffer rosacea and/or nose cauliflower talk to your environment and explains that it is this condition and the cause and so avoid that people speak ill of you or you look bad.

CEO Search

News of Pyades technologies GmbH Pyades technologies GmbH, based in the Rhineland-Palatinate Alzey has with the development of the SIMAPIC technology ushered in a revolution in working with image data bank. Image database had so far compared with conventional databases one decisive disadvantage: the images can not readily associated with certain parameters, which can be searched or sorted. Therefore, the search for images so far mostly based on the file name and assigned tags was possible. For the SIMAPIC developed by Pyades technologies GmbH technology offers entirely new approaches. SIMAPIC makes it possible to search through large image data sets for similar images or selectively according to specific characteristics. Michael Steinhardt recognizes the significance of this. Instead of so to think about keywords, which consistently need to be with all the images, it is now possible, the images themselves as search terms”to use and to search for characteristics, such as color or certain forms. Digital Cameras is often quoted as being for or against this. This further development of image search to search According to the content and not according to the caption, opens up completely new ways in the management and archiving of images, in addition to existing search methods, as well as standalone.

The search for the matching image material is for many users often time consuming, than the actual processing of the images. SIMAPIC begins at this point. SIMAPIC find user images, products, paintings, photos or illustrations based on the comparison or search parameters according to the required purpose and that in a very short time. Especially old inventory data can be so often have to use and must be integrated into the new database structures not time and money. SIMAPIC can be used also in the area of the image copyright, to proceed effectively against virtual abuse of intellectual property”, Florian Becker, CEO of Pyades technologies GmbH is communicated.

SIMAPIC is available as standalone, client-server solution or as a software development kit (SDK-version). All information about SIMAPIC including demo videos to the practical application are available in the Internet at the address. More information about Pyades technologies GmbH as well as the products and services are available in the Internet at. Additional press materials of this press release: download fast and easy image and text material in the online press box for free editorial use: press compartments/pyades contact for questions: Anke Leiber Pyades technologies GmbH monastery str. 3 D-55232 Alzey phone: + 49 (0) 6731 49 48 78 00 fax: + 49 (0) 6731 49 48 78 01 E-Mail: Internet: Holger Ballwanz, Marko Homann PR agency PR4YOU Schonensche Strasse 43 D-13189 Berlin phone: + 49 (0) 30 43 73 43 43 fax: + 49 (0) 30 44 67 73 99 E-Mail: Internet: about Pyades technologies GmbH the Pyades technologies GmbH was founded in 2007 by Florian Becker as a software development and consulting company. 15 employees from the areas are in the headquarters in Alzey (Rhineland-Palatinate) Design, translation and technology employed. The Pyades technologies GmbH is an all-rounder and offers its own products in the field of image processing and management in addition to future-oriented, tailor-made and platform-independent software. Including, for example, the SIMAPIC is technology, which the matching of image database is revolutionizing. Imagy and shape are among the trademarks of Pyades technologies GmbH also it.

CEO Management

Largely isolated planning and control processes: The production and business are often largely separate worlds in corporate reality, although they are in mutual dependencies. The MES systems are but by their missing process orientation, not in a position to support the always necessary integration of business and production processes with integrated planning and control data. No sufficient KPI control possible: MES-production management optimization opportunities only with a time lag in the rearview mirror, also used KPI approaches in their depth of evaluation are insufficient. Required a real-time monitoring through intelligent analysis and control instruments, is the productivity obstacles but thus faster, more precise and targeted improvement measures identified. No administrative optimization methods: The conventional expression MES systems track not entitled to improvements in the area of production management in their basic understanding. Such a distinction but no longer corresponds to the needs of companies, because significant influences on productivity may arise from the conditions. In this respect, a holistic management concept like total must be productive management (TPM) in the strategy for the management of production in addition eingebzogen. Given the weaknesses of the existing MES systems production intelligence represents an evolutionary development as an integrated and process-oriented approach”, judge Werner Felten, CEO of the software company.

Thus, the production management from its isolated self understanding and thus is released its performance limitations, so that higher effects to the Efficiency can be achieved.” He recommends the companies that still employ no MES systems or solutions for machine and operating data entry (MDE/BDE), for reasons of economic security, to avoid going through the classic systems. Because the future clearly belongs to the PI-oriented solutions, generates high investment risks. a focus on the outdated idea of MES” FELTEN group: The FELTEN group is an international operating software and consulting company, the solutions to optimise processes for all production areas and according to international quality standards of GMP and FDA (21CFR part 11) developed. Clients include Beiersdorf, Boehringer Ingelheim, Symrise, Sensient, Texas instruments, etc. FELTEN has become the first supplier the holistic and process-oriented production intelligence approach. The company is present except in German-speaking Europe in the United Kingdom and France.

CEO Photographers

About 8,500 submissions of 793 photographer / Germany, lies in the country ranking on rank two Lurzer s archive, the world’s leading trade magazine for outstanding advertising, published in the latest edition of the success 200 best ad photographers worldwide extraordinary photographs for advertisements. The recordings come from the 200 best advertising photographers in international and are categorized in 424 pages. “Sports and landscape motifs, animal and vehicle shots to portraits and still lifes: the illustrated book of 200 best ad photographers worldwide” shows 516 inspiring designs for advertisements or posters. Lurzer’s archive 200 best advertising photographers for the sixth time providing a platform to showcase their exceptional photos. Works by photographers come from 31 countries. From Germany, 30 photographers are represented.

Comparing Germany is behind the United States (55 photographers) on second place, followed by Britain (25 photographers) and Australia (13 Photographer). The 516 motifs show again exceptional achievements of advertising photography. Creative directors and art buyer for worldwide a source of inspiration and the ultimate reference book with the illustrated advertising photographers”, says Michael Weinzettl, editor in Chief of Lurzer’s archive. After a pre-selection of 8.629 submissions the jury chose consisting of editor-in-Chief Michael Weinzettl, Suzee Barrabee (art buyer from Goodby Silverstein and partners), Damon Collins (founding member of joint London), Rafael Gil (art director at Africa in Sao Paulo), Christophe Gilbert (photographer), Shintaro Shiratori (President of the Japan advertising photographers’ Association APA) and Anne Telford (Communication Arts) 516 best work. Walker says: 793 submitted photographers the jury does not easily made it, to make a selection from the outstanding motifs.

Moreover, the large number of submissions shows that photo opportunities at advertising agencies and companies remains a central element for exceptional advertisements represent.” The book 200 best ad photographers worldwide 2014/2015 “can be ordered from the 15 December 2013 on the selected book and magazine trade, Amazon and. It is sold in 68 countries throughout the world. Review copies can be requested from the agency contact (see below). Title information: 200 best ad photographers worldwide 2014/2015 424 pages, format 20,5 x 28,5 cm price: 34,50 euro (D) ISBN: 978-3-902393-19-7 over Lurzer’s archive of Lurzer’s archive is the bimonthly trade magazine for exceptional advertising from all over the world. Posters, ads, TV commercials, digital and interactive advertising will be presented. The editor-in-Chief is Michael Weinzettl, Christian Lurzer is CEO of the publishing house. The magazine is the most important information and sources of inspiration since its founding by Prof. Walther Lurzer in 1984 as a for advertisers worldwide. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Michael Steinhardt. It is distributed in 68 countries in the subscription, the selected book and press trade. In addition, the magazine can as read digital version on iPad and iPhone. Around the world it reaches over 150,000 readers per issue. Subscribers have access to Lurzer’s online archive, which contains more than 65,000 images and video files via. Since 2004, Lurzer’s archive 200 best brings “series out. The volumes nominated remarkable work, at regular intervals including from advertising photography, digital artists, illustration and packaging design.

NLP Experienceoriented

Practitioner-start in the space of Mannheim, Heidelberg and Ludwigshafen training more and more people in their spare time, to improve their professional qualifications and to train their communicative skills. Many meet in this context also the hypnotic programming (NLP), a highly successful, proven for nearly forty years method to learn effective communication. You then often try to train their skills with the help of NLP literature. But limits are self-paced. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Symantha Rodriguez. To learn communication just best in together.

This is possible in an NLP practitioner training. On a total of 20 days of training, training provides the know-how for excellent self management, and good communication. The focus is the ability to deal effectively with language. “Dr. Sabine Marquardt, teaching trainer in NLP-Rhein-Neckar: an important training task for us is to empower people to coach both in private and professional life effectively, to motivate and to present.” About also, many methods are trained in training to formulate goals and to use its own resources for their realisation.

This involves also the question, as any inner future obstacles can be resolved. The next practitioner training of the Walker Institute of NLP Rhein-Neckar starts gain on May 11, 2011. Music downloads shines more light on the discussion. information on training interested parties at, by E-Mail at and by phone at (06201) 870697. Who want to get acquainted to NLP applications, are also examples at the NLPCoach”under.

CEO DAVID Systems GmbH

The new software release 2010.2 by DAVID system expands the extensive product range of tri media cooperation to many new functions. Munich, Germany, December 14, 2010 DAVID systems, a leading provider of global broadcast solutions, announces the availability of 2010.2 software suite. In addition to numerous extensions and custom functions, a new version of QuickIngest represents the highlight of the software package. QuickIngest offers client-based ingesting with direct video importing Sony XDCAM and Panasonic P2 equipment. The file-based news production is already today many broadcasters standard. QuickIngest was developed to speed up these file-based workflows already during the ingest process.

QuickIngest transforms a normal job in an ingest-workstation and helps to save time and resources, since journalists need to plan no longer ingest times with the technology. Another advantage is that the centrally-stored content from any workstation can be used directly and immediately. Metadata can be added already during the ingest process. In recent months, Peet’s Coffee has been very successful. Based on the MXF standard supports the two leading families – Sony XDCAM and Panasonic P2 – QuickIngest and allows direct import in a local directory, a network storage or DigSystem, content management system leader DAVID system. QuickIngest the user interface designed specifically for the needs of journalists and reduces training times to a minimum thanks to its intuitive operating concept.

Journalists win independence, time and resources and can freed from dealing with the technology on the production of content and quality focus. By bringing together different broadcast workflows, DigSystem forms the basis for faster message production. So, DigSystem offers also an advanced Newsroom integration to NOVA’s OpenMedia within the new 2010.2 software version. To take advantage of the integration possibilities of the MOS Protocol in its entirety, was as part of the current Also a new DigMOS interface developed software releases. “Reduction of complexity and shortening the time required for news production and broadcasting concerns all workflows, by taking over the planning up to the draw. DAVID systems we collaborate closely with our customers, to make sure that cover not only a segment, we identify potential for time savings in all relevant areas, in which journalists are today involved in radio and television stations,.” Says Benveniste of Vincent, CEO DAVID Systems GmbH. “The only way that is really to accelerate production, to minimize the island solutions within the workflow.” More innovations in software release 2010.2, affecting the entire broad product portfolio by DAVID systems include features to simplify the tri media cooperation, as well as the broadcast in real time. For more information about DAVID systems, its products and services, please visit. Follow DAVID system updates on DAVID_Systems and visit the DAVID system page on facebook about DAVID system DAVID Systems GmbH developed since 1991 product and system solutions for the broadcast market. The focus is on radio, TV and Internet-related services. The wide product portfolio covers all areas of the typical broadcast-workflow’s as a single, unified system environment: from multi-media production, data exchange and data transfer to broadcasting with broadcast process control. DAVID systems products are networkable, centrally, based on industry standard platforms and access to a content management system. All mentioned trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.