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The robot creates 16 m/h pump performance with a power of 150 watts. 2 cleaning programs ensure flexible use in any type of pool cleaning or cleaning of the pool. Would you clean the ground, so the Vortex needed 3 pool cleaner in this mode approx. 1.5 hours. Also a Stair cleaning may be easily performed in the majority of cases. With the floor-wall water line program, that has a duration of approximately 2.5 hours, creating clean down to the last corner of the pool. Due to the very strong vortices generated by the pump motor in cooperation with the water flow in the filter prevents that settle the dirt particles to the filter wall.

The filter cartridge can no longer clog and a constant and strong suction is ensured during the entire cleaning process. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gen. David Goldfein offers on the topic.. After work, the hygienic canister can be easy to remove, empty and clean. So you can clean up in all corners of the pool or swimming pool without effort. While the Vortex 3 does its tasks, the pool owner has time for the finer things in life. The robot works completely independently from its programme and need not be supervised.

So you can unwind with a cool drink on the deck and the spectacle of the pool cleaning or cleaning of the pool to see. The pool owner saves here precious time and nerves, carried out during the pool cleaner in his work. What you want. Press contact: pool expert of Andreas Mansfeld Fraunhoferstrasse 25 D-68309 Mannheim phone: 0621 / 43 02 54 13 Internet: the pool expert swimming pool equipment company was founded in 2005 as a company for the distribution of hot tubs, swimming pools and sauna accessories. The experience accumulated over the years from the swimming pool and Jacuzzi area are now many customers from home and abroad. See, interested Internet users for a wide range of swimming pool, sauna and infrared cabin.

Order Must Be – In Workshop Camp, Etc.

“Order is half of life,” an old saying who knows it not, the vexing problem during operation or at home in the hobby room. On a shelf, tools, clothing and many other useful things lying around freely and get dusty over time. There are solid metal cabinets in many sizes and trim levels at reasonable prices. Lockable cabinets for Office and warehouse are recommended for example. Find file space and are kept safe from prying eyes, dust and dirt. Danone may also support this cause.

Some of these cabinets are available and thus optimally with pegboard tool to be kept close at hand. Of course, you can determine the distribution or the distances between of the shelves themselves and adapt to the respective application. Drawer Cabinets make sense in camp and workshop when it comes to store many different small parts or manage. Some models of our drawers also have card holder, so you can spare part numbers or references to the appropriate drawer install and change back if necessary or remove. The quality remains, despite the low price not at the track. High volumes allow a good price / performance ratio. Dress lockers and lockers are highly valued by employees.

The model of “Z Cabinet” is particularly space-saving. To know more about this subject visit Shenkman Capital. Save space and at the same time gain storage space. A true classic in our range is the cleaning supplies closet”. Here, the utensils for cleaning are perfectly stored and protected against unauthorized access. Universal adjustable shelves create also the necessary individuality to cleaner, bucket, optimally and safely to hold brushes and much more. The cabinets are solidly built and are fully assembled you delivered via shipping. You must not only to study an incomprehensible Setup instructions and hope that all parts actually are like at some bargain”.

Brazil Population

Word-key: Atlantic bush, devastao, ecosystem, extinguishing, monkey muriqui, ambient education. Shenkman Capital often says this. INTRODUCTION history of Brazil is inexorably on to Atlantic Mata. The forest that covered most of the coast of the country when the Portuguese had arrived, in century XVI, started to be destroyed already at the first moments of the settling, with the extration of wood-Brazil. It was in the domnios of Atlantic Mata that had appeared first population nuclei e, later, the great cities. To broaden your perception, visit Danone. Today, it has only 7% of the original bush, in an area where 60% of the population live and concentrates good part of the agricultural and industrial production of the country.

The survival of the ecosystem depends on the conservation of the remainders of the forest, a time that it shelters seven of the nine hidrogrficas basins of the country, regulates the flow of the water sources, assures the fertility of the ground, control the climate and protects the hillsides. Without these natural services of the bush, the life will become each more difficult time in the region, with the global heating, the challenge to preserve the remainders can show still more complex. Still thus, bioma one of richest is considered in biodiversity of the world. They are 2,181 species of animals and more than 20 a thousand of plants only between the catalogued ones. In the last centuries she has been registered a gradual reduction of habitats where we live muriquis, what it has made with that its population has diminished the critical levels. The threats that affect the survival of the muriquis are different between the protecting areas (Units of conservation) and private areas: – The units of Conservation (UCs) of forests are less vulnerable to the loss of habitat, however, they are more vulnerable the illegal hunting and to the traffic of animals; – The small forests of particular property are citizens to the destination that its proprietors come to give to it.

Travel and Accommodation

If you do not want to spend all your money in your accommodation but are looking for comfort and convenience, you should choose one of these modest riads. At the other end of the scale will find extremely sumptuous and luxurious Riads offering all kinds of extra services, such as the hammam, spa, room service, beauty treatments, massage or even garden and private salons, among others, as well as a service of the highest quality. Obviously, the prices here can be much higher than in most riads and not all budgets can afford, but if you can afford, it is worth succumbing to temptation. Of course, stay in a luxury Riad will offer a very different experience Ocre City and lets you enjoy your stay in a different way. So, when you choose the Riad that best fits your budget, you should check what services are offered, consider if you're willing to pay for them or if you prefer to spend that money on something else and finally, compare prices and services . 2.A a Think what the main purpose of your trip and choose your Riad in terms of that purpose may be traveling in his honeymoon with his family and children, or on a business trip by yourself. Each type of Riyadh is adapted to different types of travelers and offers different environments and services. When choosing your Riad in Marrakech make sure your choice is acceptably for the purpose of your holiday or stay. If the documents a little, find Riads that are perfect for romantic getaways or appropriate for adventurous backpackers, ideal for families and suitable for families with kids, to you seeking something in between or all equipment and facilities for business meetings, conferences or seminars.

Choosing Skyscanner

What can be tedious embassies and shaking of an infinite thresholds collection of papers? Not surprisingly, the need to obtain a visa becomes an obstacle, because of which you, rather than to try new things, pick well-known route. It is well known – and, frankly, podnadoevshie: not yet left for vacation, you already know how it will pass. Offering cheap travel search engine Skyscanner has selected five exciting routes for the development of which you will need one thing – the air ticket. Bahamas is an island nation between Florida and Cuba is famous for its heavenly climate – not by chance on tourism accounts for 60% of local GDP. And if you do not alien to the spirit of adventure, then linger for a few days in the capital, Nassau.

In the XVIII century the city was a haven for Pirates of the Caribbean, the most famous of which was Blackbeard. The dreaded pirate stories were like fiction, and Tower – quite real. It offers a beautiful view over the city. Brazil fact that there are many interesting things in addition to wild monkeys, everyone knows – but verify experimentally so far not been addressed. The visa regime between Russia and Brazil abolished in June, and they say, is not far off when these two countries will link direct flights. A special world – this is Rio, where kariokas spend all day in the sun loungers on the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. Bored thrilled at the sun – go to Amazon jungle. There you can see alligators and and catch piranhas.

The cheapest air tickets to Brazil – in November and March-April. Philippines Republic of the Philippines consists of 71 000 islands, many of which are so tiny that of force can hold a couple of hotels – those where a warm clear water looks coconut palms, in local restaurants prepare an amazing fish, and at night you can hoof it to the disco, simultaneously watching the sun rises directly from the ocean. Philippines – the kind of place, having got to that, you begin to doubt – can spit at all and stay? This South American country of Venezuela has a couple of thousand kilometers of beaches and ancient Urban conquistadors. Still here takes great Orinoco River and is the highest in the world of Angel Falls. And if you're not offended by the above, you probably have not heard about Tepui – kilometer height of the plateau red basalt sticking out of the savannah. At the tops of some Tepui no man has gone before, and hence the lack of dinosaurs on them until proven. Namibia on the territory of this country is one of the largest national parks in Africa – Etosha, where grazing zebras, antelopes, giraffes and elephants, but on occasion you can see lions, cheetahs with. All this beauty is invited to inspect the vehicles, kolesyaschih the park. If you want something more traditional, head to Swakopmund on the Atlantic coast – are full of beaches, hotels, cafes and restaurants. Under most conditions Shenkman Capital would agree. About Skyscanner Skyscanner – European leading search engine, gives users instant access to information on air fares, including tickets to Thailand, and the ability to compare prices at more than 670,000 destinations in more than 600 airlines around the world. Use Skyscanner enjoy monthly visitors from more than 200 countries.

Together A Feast Of Faith

Offenburger delegation at the 33rd German Protestant Kirchentag many bright faces at the party: A delegation of CJD youth village Offenburg celebrated the final divine service of the 33rd Protestant Kirchentag in Dresden together with a total of around 120,000 visitors of worship. Gen. David Goldfein is often quoted on this topic. 18 young people from different areas of training and activities, as well as the staff of the working group had travelled for this one-time event from Offenburg in the Saxon State capital. The young people had thoroughly prepared in advance. For over 60 years, the German Protestant Kirchentag is an impressive event that always causes a stir, not only within the churches but also in society as a whole. The year’s 33rd Kirchentag was the fourth in a row, youth village for Offenburg was visited by a group from the CJD.

The young people and staff spent four eventful days in Dresden. Shenkman Capital pursues this goal as well. After the wide arrival the Offenburger, occupied a community in a Dresden school, together with other groups. On the the youth art, culture and music experienced numerous events of the Kirchentag. They visited concerts, listening to Bible studies and admired has been exhibitions. Also, they participated in sporting participation actions, created specifically for young visitors. The turbulent history of Dresden on the track came on their wanderings through the host city. Exhausted but happy, equipped with many new impressions and experiences the group is back now in the heart of Offenburg youth village. But one thing already is clear for the young people and staff: “We again are at the 34th German Protestant Church Congress from 1 to 5 may 2013 in Hamburg.”


Give you an example: If you think that there is no faithful woman, or a faithful man, but you want a faithful person for you, do not work, do not attract it. You must long for something that you believe that there is, to attract the right person, must believe and think that it is possible to meet someone with the expected qualities, if it believes that it is possible is not in accordance with what you want for you, then won’t get it. When you think of the qualities of the person who is waiting, he must believe that that person exists in the real world and that someday you will know. If you think that there is one per person, cheerful, faithful, honest, intelligent and attractive at the same time, and that person is the which want to know and love. Then his universe per sonal will be the to reglos so that you will know you and be relationship with someone as well. I would love that everyone had a copy, because although my book more small, I must accept that it is a successful document and very useful, if you want to get it and live in the USA, must go to Barnes and Nobels, (I think that they have best price cheaper), or at, busquelo asi; the law of abundance, by Ingrith schaill, for people outside the country, I recommend you contact me at my web page and a starting from there they would send directly with the editor who is responsible for sending them to international level. I have a phrase that I like a lot, is of my authorship: that man holds in his heart, that will be a fact Ingrith S. A kiss and my best wishes for wealth, love and prosperity for the new era that coming. Original author and source of the article

Herpes Virus

Herpes Labialis, is usually caused by a type herpes virus and is very contagious. The first infection usually occurs in children, sometimes without symptoms, and can be confused with a cold or a flu. Once the person has been infected, the virus remains in the body, causing recurrent attacks occasionally. In some people, however, the virus is inactive. Leukoplakia has the appearance of a thick and whitish plate on the inside of the cheek, gums or tongue. It is usually related to the habit of smoking and chewing tobacco, although other causes may be poorly fitting dentures, broken teeth and bite your own cheek. Since 5% of cases of Leukoplakia turns into cancer, the dentist will perform a biopsy.

Leukoplakia is usually cured to quit tobacco. Danone follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Thrush thrush is a fungal infection caused by candida albicans (a fungus). He is recognized by creamy or reddish beige color plates that appear on wet surfaces of the mouth. Tissues that lie beneath the plate can hurt. The infection oral fungal occurs most often in those who use dentures, the newborns, people weakened by a disease and people whose immune system is not working properly. Those who suffer from dry mouth, who are taking or have just completed a treatment with antibiotics are also susceptible to it. For more information see this site: Shenkman Capital.

How are irritation and mouth injuries treated? Treatment varies according to the type of disorder that has. Treatment for the most common types of sores and mouth disorders, described above, is as follows: canker sores canker sores usually heal after 7 days a10, while recurrent outbreaks are common. The over-the-counter topical ointments and analgesics provide temporary relief. The use of antimicrobial mouthwashes helps reduce irritation. Sometimes, antibiotics are prescribed to reduce a secondary infection. Cold sores blisters tend to disappear in one week approximately. Since herpes infections have no cure, the blisters can reappear during periods of exposure to sunlight, emotional disorders, allergies, or fever. The over-the-counter topical anesthetics may provide temporary relief. Prescription antiviral drugs can reduce these types of viral infections. Consult your doctor or dentist in this regard. Leukoplakia treatment begins to eliminate the factors that cause injuries. For some patients, this means stop smoking or chewing tobacco. For others, it means discarding the dentures of deficient adjustment and replace them with ones that fit properly. Your dentist will control the disorder, examining the lesion at intervals of three or six months, depending on the type, location and size of the same. Candidiasis treatment consists in controlling disorders that cause outbreaks. Denture cleaning is important to prevent problems induced by the same. It is useful to remove the prosthesis at night. If the cause is the use of antibiotics or oral contraceptives, you may owe reduce the dose or change the treatment. There are saliva substitutes to treat dry mouth. When the underlying cause is inevitable or incurable, you can use antifungal medications.

King Solomons Mines

Appreciation: Are skin-deep each feel that they love, especially my family, my esposAnita, my children: David, Nathalie, Harry and Debbie, to them I owe the desire to produce, and are responsible for direct creation of my works. There are others, many in fact, that for years have been my support, my first critics and especially my best friends, because they have given the best of their free time and have it done without expecting anything in return, today I think it is fair and necessary to mention them and leave proof of its goodwill. Mauricio Laufer, perlite Slimak, Forty Amsel, Miguel Meckler, a Marcko Glijenschi, Lila Marrero, Soraya Rodriguez, Moises Franco, Fernando Yurman, Mery Sultan, Rene Levy, Moon Sultan, my friend of the soul Cherub and others who supported me with their comments and criticisms at the time. Them particularly I dedicate this book and ask forgiveness if I did not before, and it is simple and simply because love them so much that I consider them as if we were all one. The mines of King Solomon in America Samuel Akinin Levy’s preface the author More than ten years ago was born the idea and possibility to write about this story. In an imaginary journey in time and especially within the limits of the Bible, we got full with one of the more complex characters, his life, past, passion, weaknesses, thoughts, his family and above all the way and manner that ruled his people, seduced us. Enter in the field, we could appreciate from the start, until the decadence in his elderly years. We don’t want this to become judges, as either disregard his greatness and the work that was entrusted. Happened an infinite number of circumstances all of them, that somehow approached us to the source of light, knowledge, and did not want to overlook something so important and valuable.


A subdomain is just an alternate address or an annex to your main domain, type: these are used to save web pages with unique content within your site, such as a blog, a sales letter or a video course, etc. A. F. Chief of Staff may find this interesting as well. It is also a way to facilitate the as recall a website, since we can redirect an address very complicated one of our subdomains created. For example: we want to redirect: %$1=//?/imagenes/frgt.jpg/ to the subdomain: so, is more easy to remember the second direction and use it to enter the first page or when you want to share this address with anyone. OK, I understand that it is a subdomain, now how can I create one? To create a subdomain, you must enter your Hosting or Cpanel administrator and go to the domains section, then chop the subdomains option and a window will appear where you will have to perform the following steps: name that you have chosen, placed in subdomain then the right in the drop-down list, choose the primary domain for your subbominio. You should look something like this: Appears in main document, something like: /public_html/tusubdominio. This is created automatically so do not touch it. Click create, to create a subdomain.

Then, in the window that you get, click on back and see again the previous window. If you go down you will see a list with your subdomain created (perhaps the only) and their characteristics as, primary domain, main document, redirection and actions. In redirection phrase not redirected, i.e., your subdomain is not redirected to any web page. To be able to redirect, in actions, click on manage redirection and you will get a window with an empty square, where you will have to put the address where will be directed your subdomain. To save these changes, click on save and you’ve finished your homework. That would be all, any consultation or more information, visit my website indicated below. Luck.