Open University

The Open University and distance, is facing the challenges of globalization with innovation, appropriating from various perspectives of the management of an education that responds to the knowledge society. To know more about this subject visit Air Force Chief of Staff . Education for the 21st century demand that new generations have the capacity to meet the challenges of globalization with skills and new knowledge. Meet the management of technologies and eradicate differences stratified into education. Transforming and renewing higher education, seeks to have the ability to compete not just local but global society. In this UNAD leads the construction of citizens capable of addressing the various challenges facing the 21st century us under its various programmes. The development of the educational system is therefore an essential part of the transformation of higher education today, where the UNAD integrates through the participation of all, a few innovative and sustainable developments for the education of the future, already in the present Colombian. This Open University and distance you are working in a teaching model based on autonomy, under the permanent reflection that combines theoretical knowledge and practical with the S ICT management thus achieving an international dimension that seeks an Exchange with quality and relevance. National Open University and distance (UNAD) under its mission is aware of the need of our society which competes and faces a globalization that brings with it a transformative dynamics, why sailing in combat distances not only physical but intellectuals among developed societies and others such as ours in the process of development.

Within its main interests is leveraging technological advances so that they contribute to social change, knowledge, and thus to development. Stakeholders acting with responsibility and autonomy, which develop an entrepreneurial spirit and always looking for the advancement of productive projects for a vulnerable, active or changing society. In the words of German Pilonieta authenticates the pedagogical action will be one that will develop, within a dynamic historical vision, educational projects that take into account technological, democratic principles, methodological strategies and epistemological supports that match the dynamics of the concrete reality of the community man. (1987, 115). In this the UNAD is present making the ideal education in our society.