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"Russian Corporation of communication," a trusted manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, become a party to an international exhibition and conference "IT in Power", which was c 26 to 29 October in Moscow. On the stand "Federal Grid Company UES" Welfare Services Compensation Fund introduced the participants to its activities in the field of situational-analysis centers (CAC). Situational Analysis Center is a set of specially arranged jobs for personal and collective analysis of the leaders. The main task of the CAC – supporting strategic decision-making on the basis of imaging and in-depth analysis processing intelligence information. 'SATs – is the center of management of the organization, it concentrated all the information flows that come from different systems – the first deputy general director Andrei Welfare Services Compensation Fund Badalov. – Center monitors the technological, financial, organizational processes. On the other hand, the crisis management center, it serves as the operational headquarters for all kinds of technological Disasters'.

In addition, the stand was represented high-tech telecommunications equipment, Welfare Services Compensation Fund, which is produced in Russia in an exclusive agreement with Alcatel-Lucent. In particular, demonstrated a local area network switch and router IP-certified in accordance with Russian legislation and tested for their lack of undeclared opportunities. Representatives of the Welfare Services Compensation Fund also participated in the conference "IT in Power Engineering 2010", during which discussed the current needs of industry in the energy sector of ICT. C report, "The situational approach to the creation of think tanks in fuel and energy complex, "was Andrei Badalov. 'Situation and Analysis Center – one of the most effective forms of implementation of decision support systems – explained during his presentation, Andrew Badalov. – It is a flexible tool of management, essential advantage is the possibility of a wide range of functional ". About "Russian Corporation of communications' company 'The Russian Corporation of communication' – the first Russian company, which specializes in producing and developing a trusted telecommunications equipment and provides for adaptation of technologies of world leaders IT industry with the requirement of the Russian market. The main objective of Welfare Services Compensation Fund – an innovative development of the domestic IT industry, as well as providing safe and reliable operation of communications networks and IT systems in government agencies, strategic sectors of Russian economy and business organizations. "Russian Corporation of communication" was established in December 2007 and is part of the CC 'Technologies'. For more information on company can be found at.