I Live

The new album by Andrew Carrington – I live for you as of one of the lead singers of the Australian ten tenor ANDREW CARRINGTON toured for ten years, the capitals of the world. He graduated from legendary 1,500 performances during this time. Right on the first tour he fell madly. It was an evening in Berlin. A charming Berliner, his wife sat in the audience.

At once he sang just for them. But the young love was put to a hard test. The ten Tenors were on tour worldwide in ten months? Carringtons first single “Paris, London, Rio” on his debut album, “I live for you” is exactly this experience. From the noise of the concert, the loneliness in the hotel room, his great love long night overseas calls and the longing after. When the first child announced itself in Andrew knew “I wanted to not be a constantly traveling father. I decided to be the family and left with a heavy heart the ten tenors. My daughter means everything to me.” Andrew Carrington, 32, grew up in Cairns, Australia on. As part of the lore visit the local schools in a city where the great barrier reef, which is located right outside the front door.

Where basking crocodiles on the beach and the rainforest is home to an unimaginable diversity. A city as a holiday paradise. As the son of a saxophonist and a pianist, Andrew first emulated his father, studied classical saxophone, began a classical voice training but – inspired by fellow students who had taken the trade of singing – and became tenor. While still a student, he started his career with the ten tenors. He was 21 and the youngest of the tenors. Recordings of Luciano Pavarotti and Mario Lanza, were his inspiration. But even Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, George Michael and Tony Hadley, which singer from Spandau Ballet, yet always belong to his idols.