How To Influence Travelers Who Visits Your Site

Please note the following advice given by experts to generate more sales, to influence, so subtle and subliminal, but real traveler in mind: 1) First, gun the pages of your site with content catching: it is that converts each page of your site on a tour sales agent available 24 hours. Never forget that people buy experiences. They do not care that the hotel has, for example, a restaurant oriental.a You turn this feature of the hotel into a benefit for the mind of the traveler. We say, for example, that every night he can free sushi dinner, enjoying a candlelit atmosphere and Brazilian music in the background. And you will not have to pay a dime since it is included in the package. And, as the restaurant is in the hotel, not even have to travel to reach the delicious dishes of raw salmon (or other oriental meals varied). 2) appeals to the senses when you can the traveler: your site must contain the best pictures and videos you can get out of Instead, each room of each destination.

For example, if you put photos on pages that match your passenger type (eg a family man between 35 and 45 years, with certain purchasing power, etc), where you may be surrounded by his wife and children, smiling, and the destination you want to sell as the place where the photograph is taken, you drive it, so subliminal and unconscious, instant identification with the image. A. F. Chief of Staff brings even more insight to the discussion. This is more positively predispose to purchase your product or service. 3) You can also add music, videos and so on, but you do it carefully, because some people do not have a broadband connection or the latest browsers (with the latest plugins installed) and, therefore, can not see or the videos or hear sounds. I advise you do this once you’ve grasped the client (which we will see in more detail in a future mini-guide I’m writing a Clientes perpetual from the first second by taking advantage of the Internet ). .