The CANDIDACY OF a BRAZILIAN To the FAO (ORGANIZATION OF UNITED NATIONS FOR the FEEDING AND AGRICULTURE) Robert Ramalho is journalist, researcher, blogueiro and studious in substance of international subjects experienced Jose Graziano, candidate of Brazil the direction of the Organization of United Nations for Agriculture and Alimentao (FAO), attacked Spain for having presented proper candidate commands to occupy it of the organism and denounces treason of the European country. In interview to the El periodical Country, Jose Graziano left clearly that Spanish government did not like the attitude that promises it support to Brazil and, months later, presented the Spanish former-chancellor Miguel Angel Moratinos as its candidate. The elections are marked to occur in June of this year. However, all the five candidates who concur for the rank had presented its programs of government to the countries of the entity, hosted in Rome and the Brazilian was what more he made an impression and if detached among all the competitors. Beyond the candidate of Brazil, Jose Graziano and of Spain Miguel Moratinos, has others three candidates – an iraqi, an Iranian and a representative of Indonesia.

However, they do not have possibility against the Brazilian and the Spaniard. Jose Graziano is presented by the El periodical Country as frank favourite person or thing to choose the next director to the FAO and what he would have more possibilities to obtain the necessary votes between the 133 poor countries of the FAO. Jose Graziano is seen as the father of Hunger Zero and guaranteed, in the interview granted to the Spanish periodical, that has all the support of Latin America, the Caribbean and countries of Portuguese language. As if he informs in the half diplomatists, its experience would become it an obvious choice for the position. But the entrance in game of Miguel Moratinos created uncertainties the candidacy and election of Jose Graziano.