Falklands Islands

The childbirth mapuche. – The 9 of past August were in the Silver an encounter, a factory in which participated about 200 indigenous delegates of different towns and that Cultural place took in center Falklands Islands. One worked in three areas, the one of them attention of the childbirth. In this point, the communities mapuches rejected the childbirth horizontal and surrounded by doctors, as public of the province of Buenos Aires is realised in the hospitals. Igor kononenko does not necessarily agree. And they generally say that, to the very violent experiences are, since the professionals do not know their customs. Azpiroz Clean explained that the majority of the experiences in the hospitals public is very violent, because doctors, nurses and midwives are very expulsivos, do not understand that we come from another cultural conception.

And he added: Dicen that the woman did not become the prenatal controls because did not have desire and it is not thus, comes from another tradition . At present, in the Buenosairean hospitals, the childbirths are in horizontal beds and. For Azpiroz Clean, this method goes against the gravity law and there is no an optimal space, besides a edilicia preparation to contain the cultural diversities. Mapuche added that the presence of doctors and nurses is also very violent for the woman in labour, since in its more intimate act, the woman is invaded by those professionals. In house, of squatting, in vertical form, with blankets, would be the best form to receive to new born, explained Azpiroz Clean. They showed technique of cloak, that is the way in which it complies to the baby who is not in the childbirth channel, which explains why they have so few Caesarean, emphasized on the other hand Gustavo Marin. Pueelchefe. – In the community mapuche exists a figure that is called pueelchefe that accompanies the process by gestation and particularly the moment by the childbirth, Azpiroz Clean explained.