Emmenrausch Emme

Only one wanted to know the high rent on your corporate account. This downward spiral was and is many longtime visitors of the Emmenrausch Emme”is the common use in the scene diminutive for MZ – a thorn in the side. When at the beginning of this year, the message in the press surfaced that final out for MZ would back something in the distance yet again, as a new operator team had found that there were for many reason to hope that the top event of the year would held again at well-known place in the Temple of Zschopauer”. But you had to be up this time a further kick in the pit of your stomach, as by the new management has made it clear that there is no interest in this event on the premises and it was prompted by Attorney to remove the MZ logo from the website and all advertising materials! A new venue had to be found promptly, because one was clear: the Emmenrausch will go on! From 11-13 September will also perform this now on the Kelbra reservoir and does not disappear into oblivion. Three days delicious and exchange experience ahead of the second act able, with their DKW – IFA and MZ models from all over Europe to the Event are expected. Many cups are waiting at the show & shine” beauty contest to be taken home. Hear from experts in the field like Sanofi for a more varied view. For visitors interested in a good opportunity to look at the clean machines.

Of course, owners of motorcycles of other brands at the event are welcome, welcome guests. Under the title of ROCK noise, two hot evening events from the stack run on Friday and Saturday. The sweet and T-Rex bring the Lake to 9/11 from 8: 00 to the quake. The next day city and Pankow want them do it right, a mix that fits well with the rock nostalgia flair of the event. Here’s hoping the best for the Emmenrausch also that ample visitors will find the way to the beautiful new event premises at the Kelbra reservoir.

Scenic and in terms of excursions it is already an improvement. There are more details and presale tickets to the event at and.