Discover the City Through ‘Millennium Travel’

Many millions of people can not be wrong … 'Millennium' is the blockbuster of the year! Thanks to this trilogy by Stieg Larsson the streets of Sodermalm – one of the 14 islands that form the city of Stockholm – have become famous worldwide. The trilogy and its film adaptation is that very soon release the second part, hoping to reap the same success as the first. Since it went on sale 'Milenium', the previously quiet old Sodermalm has become a hotbed of "literary tourists" looking for places where they moved the protagonists of the trilogy, the young hacker Lisbeth Salander and turned-detective journalist Mikael Blomkvist. With Larsson, Stockholm and its islands have become the fictional scenario of murder and extortion and by mass tourism phenomenon. 'Millennium' has opened a tourist route through the most special of the trilogy, most located in Sodermalm: the drafting of the journal Millennium, in Gotgatan, 19, Bellsmangatan street where he lives in a penthouse journalist Mikael Blomkvist;, or Mosebacke Torg Square, considered the most beautiful square in Stockholm … In fact, even the advertisers use the "Millennium Road" to sponsor their products and Bellsmangatan Street has become the perfect setting for a list of German cars.

The most famous museum of the city, the Stadsmuseum, sells copies of the map of the "Route Millnium" where we make a journey through the highlights of the trilogy. What he has done with his novel Larsson has made quite a change for the better to Sodermalm, which has increased their income significantly and, through his new premises are opened to supply the flood of tourists arriving daily. Still have not read 'Millennium'? It runs through your copy to the nearest bookstore and soak up the best literature. Then you travel to Sweden and rent incredible. I love them! .