HOUSE of concrete Increasingly, the construction of houses used cellular-wall concrete blocks, density and thermal conductivity are almost the same as in the tree. In such houses a favorable climate for year-round: in the heat in these cool and in winter – heat. In the construction used artificial stone material of different modifications: the heavy and monolithic reinforced concrete, as well as easy claydite, fine-grained, cellular foam and aerated concrete. Thanks to the skillful use of the opportunities the material can be achieved exceptional architectural expressiveness of the building. Easy to take concrete with porous aggregates in the form of expanded clay slag, slag pumice. Contact information is here: translation software. In the individual low-rise construction have spread lightweight aggregate small units, produced by the semi-block-making. They are durable, fireproof; claydite 'breathing' by adjusting the humidity in the room. Lightweight aggregate blocks have an advantage over ceramic and calcium silicate bricks for heat – in keramsit it is lower, therefore, thickness of the lightweight aggregate wall thickness is less than a brick wall.

The cost of expanded clay concrete blocks are usually comparable to the cost of ceramic bricks. Aerated concrete – a durable, fireproof, soundproof, durable and inexpensive material that has good heat-shielding properties and high resistance to frost. It can be easily sawn, drilled, it can drive nails, screw in the screws and stuff. Recently, cellular concrete is produced in the form of small blocks of aerated concrete, the resulting synthesis autoclave ( – aluminum powder), and foam, is manufactured by mixing the mortar with a prepared foam and followed by heat treatment of mass.