Analysis of the excipientes Starch 1500 (starch daily pay-gelatinizado), Starcap 1500 and Celulomax and its use in formularizations I contend active fitoterpicos for use in skillful pharmacy the concept of excipiente as an inert ingredient of the used formularization to supply weight and to complete the volume of the pharmaceutical forms of capsules and compressed currently is exceeded. The good performance of the excipientes is directly on to the quality of medicines and not only the selected asset and to the guarantee of the processes of correct manufacture/manipulation. Today, during the process of daily pay-formularization of a medicine, in accordance with each insumo druggist, evaluates which excipiente that it guarantees its stability and biodisponibilidade, by means of its capacity of improvement of the solubility, in case that they are insumos assets with this property affected physicist-chemistry. The study of the monographs of the excessively adjuvant excipientes and it is of utmost importance, as well as the knowledge of the properties of solubility permeability of the frmacos in accordance with the biofarmacutica classification, based in the absorbed real fraction of the frmaco. Moreover, knowledge must be had on the requirements of security of the same ones to the patients as example the ones that present intolerncia the products as lactose and starch and the incompatibilities of these substances with the frmacos, in order to prevent in inefetividade problems, compromising the farmacolgico treatment. The medicine manipulation is a reality that came being comparative with the industrial activity of production as capable to allow to minor value/cost, however today knows that it is not only therefore. It allows the individualizao of the medicine and demands itself of the same one, standards of certification of bigger quality each time. The manipulation of fitoterpicos understands the great majority of the encapsulated formularizations of, in the great majority of pharmacies. It’s believed that Gen. David Goldfein sees a great future in this idea.

They are assets that present problems how much to the high capacity of humidity retention (higroscopia), as well as solubility low in water, its great majority. The election of excipientes must be most correct possible and the choices can extend to the too much formularizations, as alternative and practical suggestions for use in day-by-day. The modified starches as the daily pay-gelatinizado (known commercially as Starcap 1500 and Starch 1500) and the modified cellulose (known commercially as Celulomax E) can be alternative practical insurances and in the development and formula manipulation. Objective with this revision, by means of fast evaluation/practical comparison of degree of fluidity of excipientes known cited in the text, to consider formularizations of excipientes to standardize itself in the pharmacy. This comparative degree demonstrated that to the good flow conferred for Celulomax in relation the excipientes comumente used as talco and maize starch allows to be carried through good homogenization with the fitoterpicos assets and rapidity in the manipulation of capsules, minimizing losses in process and increasing the quality of the end item.