Brush Cleaner

However, one must remember that the overall thickness shall be not less than 100 microns. Better to use a brush 'fleyts' natural bristle. 3. Application of aerosol cans. Applied at least 4 layers. Used on small surfaces and embellishment.

Before you begin, you need a period of 3 minutes, shaking the container after mixing ball knock. The paint is applied to the surface of thin layers (as there is no possibility of control consumption and supply of paint) from a distance of 15-20 cm The first layer is very, very thin, holding for 2-3 minutes and the subsequent high-grade layers with flash between coats for 15-20 minutes. The total thickness of the dried coating is not less than 100 microns. (Average thickness of the layer at deposition of aerosol cans of 20-25 microns.) 4.Nanesenie roller. It should be applied 2-3 coats. It is used for painting large flat surfaces. Before you begin, you need to dilute the paint solvent 'Hammerite Brush Cleaner & Thinners' 9:1 (9 parts paint 1 part thinner). Better to use fur or wool short-haired roller.

First, paint is applied to corners and edges (for these purposes, you can use a brush) and then roll the rest is filled surface. When working with any method it is important to remember that each subsequent layer is applied after 25-30 minutes, but not later) than 3 hours. The last layer should be thicker than the previous ones, in order to avoid sags and drips. Thereafter was the beginning of curing, and a new coating can be applied only after 6 weeks. Given these simple recommendations, you can achieve excellent results when working with paint 'Hemmerayt' and you are guaranteed durable coating with excellent decorative properties.