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Real tourist audience award for renowned Ruster accommodation operating the GUESTHOUSE SCHMIDT in rust is one of the most popular hotels in the region and far beyond,: the HolidayCheck AG, the largest German-speaking opinion portal for travel and holidays on the Internet comes to this conclusion. After evaluation of the hotel reviews Guest House is Sai one of only 332 hotels worldwide, which are now awarded with the quality seal TopHotel 2011. The TopHotel-HolidayCheck award is a real tourist audience award, which is based exclusively on reviews from travellers. Therefore only those hotels, which in 2010 were particularly popular with their guests will receive a prize. There is world’s only 332 hotels, with the HolidayCheck TopHotel be awarded in 2011. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Maxway Cycles and gain more knowledge.. Because more winners only to find Titisee Feldberg in Baiersbronn, winds at the Patrice, GasteHaus Schmidt in the region can prove his outstanding qualities: “in the entire region of Europe Park we are the only House with this award”, says Managing Director Christian Schmidt, who can now even easily keep up with the large hotels with his Guest House.

This was made possible primarily by the guest, his individual wishes and well-being in the Centre are available at GasteHaus Schmidt. The small but fine insider’s tip in rust offers, for example, an on-site restaurant, provides the ticket service for the Europa-Park, or organized excursions to the tourist highlights of the region. “In addition we are always very close to the guest,” emphasises Christian Schmidt. So you have more insight into what the guests want, prefer or appreciate. At igor kononenko you will find additional information. Also for criticism, one always has a sympathetic ear at GasteHaus Schmidt. This leads to constant changes and improvements for the benefit of the high quality of the entire service. “We sell not only nights, we design experiences. Only, that’s why we’re there, where we are now”, Christian Schmidt is delighted and would like to thank the many loyal guests, the House be so well rated and recommended.

Munich Web Test

New industry association accelerates the product and service development in the telecommunications industry in Munich (15 July 2008) Spirent Communications (LSE: SPT), a leading provider of performance test and service assurance systems for the IT and telecommunications sectors, are the establishment of test automation Alliance (TAA) known. TAA is an Association of leading test specialists, who is with strong their commitment for a significant increase in productivity in the telecommunications sector over the entire product life cycle from development to the provision of services. As the first industry association of its kind the Alliance helps service providers and manufacturers of network equipment, more efficiently use their laboratory resources with a high degree of automation. For many laboratory Manager, the realization of an overarching, uncomplicated and at the same time cost effective test automation means a clear challenge. Therefore TAA automation continuum “framework developed, the” proven test automation technology such as laboratory management, configuration management, test development and test management integrated with each other.

Until today, the automation of testing procedures usually with proprietary solutions has been developed and implemented. However, this traditional approach calls for that highly qualified staff of test in the laboratory between ongoing testing and troubleshooting scenarios and build of complex automation environments need to switch back and forth a resource-intensive process. Now, modern, cost-efficient automation technologies have become developed however so prominently on that the need for internal solutions can be minimized drastically. The automation of TAA continuum platform offers two options: labs can either select device-independent test tools to optimize targeted specific areas of their existing automation frameworks of a suite or use the complete test automation framework. TAA allows the continuous expansion of automation structures regardless of the degree of automation, a test laboratory has so far realized. Members of Spirent in life called Alliance amongst the other EdenTree technologies, FanFare and MRV. Each of these companies can look back on outstanding achievements when it comes to the provision of reliable and efficient automation technologies. TAA able continuously to optimize the continuum platform automation and to adapt to the growing needs of service providers and device manufacturers is through the exchange of expertise and know-how, the combination of tried and tested automation solutions and the common commitment to research & development.

The Spirent TestCenter offers a high level of test productivity by combining a wide range of different network technologies from Layer 2 to Layer 7 for municipal, local and company-wide networks, as well as carrier and broadband access networks on a single platform. EdenTree provides a proven software as the basis for a dynamic Lab environment is used. The usage, the use of distributed and the assignment of these test systems to be the solution of EdenTree optimize. iTest team iTest staff, the powerful Testentwicklungs and test management tools by FanFare, eliminate manual entry of periodic test procedures. MRV controls a comprehensive set of tools that allow the automatic test of the physical network layer. MRV’s solution s

TERRAControl GmbH

TERRAControl shows newly developed case weight device with GPS connection density detection in the pipeline construction with an innovative measurement device (light weight): In the pipeline construction, civil engineering work be removed in many places with a qualified proof of compaction. Especially, there are municipal and local suppliers, which necessarily prove their compaction by the exporting companies in civil engineering at departures. The dynamic plate pressure test with the light case weight device suitable for a precise measurement of compaction in hard to reach places as for example in pipe trenches. Thanks to the practical implementation, the device for the low – und Rohrleitungsbau represents an irreplaceable tool in the daily work and channel construction is recognized also by the Guteschutz as test procedures. Nokia contains valuable tech resources. Now, a young company has developed this practical instrument from Berlin, and next to an intelligent GPS system into the case weight device more useful innovations.

So all measurements exactly to the point can in hindsight to be assigned, because the system date and time satellitengesteuert refers to all data such as coordinates,. The Genauuigkeit of the coordinates is amazing. The result of this Neuentwickklung can be on the water 2009 be tested in Hall 3.2 on the booth 512 of TERRAControl GmbH in practice and appearances.. Educate yourself with thoughts from dayton kingery.

Sabine Sohn Coburg

This software takes care of the communication between the bakery branch and headquarters, it maintains all information about articles and product groups and can the control of retail scales, cash registers and pricing systems in the Central Each bakery stores take over. It is possible, for example, in the central price changes, promotions, or happy hour offers a pick set and promptly all bakery stores to offer the data the dealer. The branch offices so always work with the same prices. Whenever Car Digital Video Recorder listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Conversely, it is possible to deliver daily turnover-related sales data to Headquarters branches. These data are important to identify revenue-generating or-schwache times and to optimize staff and goods management.

This facilitates the combination of K-class PC scales and WinCWS the logistics at the Filialbelieferung and allows the creation of delivery notes, Sofortrechnungen or goods input documents directly on the scale. Check out The Rolling Stones for additional information. In addition, the dealer has the ability to control the PC scales its personnel management about: staff log on the scales and out. About WinCWS the data can be further processed directly, this function facilitates the planning and billing for the use of auxiliary in the bakery stores and shows the Daily turnover of the employee. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide operating, leading in many areas technology company for professional system solutions of for weighing, information and food service technology in the segments retail, industry and logistics. Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba-specific performance features.


New UTM appliances from the portfolio of sysob set new standards in terms performance Schorndorf, April 1, 2009 the VAD sysob expanded its comprehensive range of multifunction firewalls to the U-series of NETASQ security manufacturer. The new solutions designed for SMBs as well as companies with multiple locations designed. Additional information is available at Whole Foods. The systems combine technologies to protect of your network infrastructure with a captivated by the unsurpassed performance. On the basis of the kernel optimization and the accurate selection of new hardware components, the new U-series of NETASQ provides very high data throughput with low total cost of ownership. Read additional details here: dayton kingery busybodies365. Current IT challenges such as VoIP, Web 2.0 etc. and future such as IPv6, broadband fibre-optic or similar demand innovative security solutions at the highest performance level.

The complexity of such systems usually but negatively affects the performance. The new U series from the portfolio of sysob NETASQ appliances guarantee high level of security companies any size up on application level, without thereby To compromise with regard to the performance of the network. The multifunction firewalls are the result of the optimum synergy between the hardware architecture and operating system developed by NETASQ. Safer and faster protection of decentralised IT infrastructure with classical UTM protection for network security have the firewalls particularly high data throughput (3 to 10 times higher than competitor products). A VPN Accelerator was embedded in all U series devices, ensuring from now fast connections through protected communication tunnel. So the U70 appliance provides as a throughput of 600 megabits per second with enabled intrusion prevention. The systems combine IPS Engine ASQ (active security qualification), which works in real time application and firewall functionality, VPN, and content filtering in a single hardware component. The special NETASQ technology allows companies a comprehensive and sustainable protection of their systems against known and unknown threats from outside and, internal network, before Vulnerabilities on application level.

Hard Metal Bars Measured

Destructive pitch measurement of cooling channels in tungsten carbide rods for the measurement of cooling channels in drill blanks developed the CT-9000. The measuring system in conjunction with the measurement software metric and the image processing software profile check allows a non-destructive measurement of slope (swirl). Others including Car Digital Video Recorder, offer their opinions as well. With the 2D measurement software metric plus are performed manually following the special angle 4 C measurements and logs: pitch measurement of the cooling channels, diameter, of the blank Center distance of the cooling channels (Center to Center), maximum distances of the cooling channels and the bore diameter of the cooling channels. Raw rods kidney-shaped cooling passages be performed automatically with the image processing ProfilCheck and compared in relation to nominal values and recorded with: diameter of the blank, width of the kidney-shaped cooling channel, outer radius of the kidney-shaped cooling channel from the Center, inner radius of the kidney-shaped cooling channel of the Centre, distance measurement from the Center to the kidney-shaped cooling channel measurement in degrees of torsion of the kidney-shaped cooling channel to the Centre, area measurement in square millimeters of the kidney-shaped cooling channel. The hardware: The CT-9000 is built on an aluminium base plate. The extremely high-quality 14-step zoom lens is combined with special lighting. The optical system which is mounted on a precision stage is adjusted in Z and X by spindles with a gradient of 0.5 mm or on request with two digital gauges.

The complete optical system with cross table can be moved on the precision linear Pack in Y and fixed. A USB 2.0 is used as a camera camera with 1600 x 1200 pixels. The calibration of the two programmes, metric plus and ProfilCheck is 0.1 mm and certificate by glass scales with Division. The blank is inserted in the prima and shifted in focus. Depending on the diameter Einlegeprismen can also be used here. The clamp is is carried out if required by a U-bolt after successful measurement of the first page of the blank the rotary table is twisted by 180 (with locking pin) and the precision guidance in the correct focal length and carried out the second measurement (measurement angle 4 C in software metric plus). The measurement with the image processing software ProfilCheck must be carried out only on one side. The measurements and documentation are extremely fast and easy to create. As a result, the payback period of the CT-9000 is exceptionally short.

Texas Instruments

InFocus IN3108 with DisplayLink technology also for Mac. ALMERE (NL), April 01, 2009 awkward waiting for the start of the presentation in the IN3108 of the past belongs to. Because for the IN3100er series from InFocus is not necessary thanks to DisplayLink technology the distracting background and toggle between internal and external monitor. There is direct connection from the computer to the projector via USB. Click Mobile App Development Company Services for additional related pages. This highly convenient feature is therefore now also have access to the more exclusive computer worlds beyond the windowszentrierten universe.

Because new Mac drivers for DisplayLink involve the preferred platforms of the notoriously creative via USB with the release of the IN3108 and bring the Mac from now best on the stage. The fourth member of the Group of the new IN3108 continues with 3500 ANSI Lumen effectively in scene, 2800 lumens are in the energy-saving operation. BrillantColor of the DLP technology from Texas Instruments conjures up to bright colors. The default resolution is with WXGA 1280 x 800 pixels, the maximum resolution at 1920 x 1200 WUXGA mode. With a contrast ratio 2000:1 and 16:10 (default), 4:3, 5:4 and 16:9, the IN3108 for old and new relationships is open aspect ratios. To know more about this subject visit dayton kingery busybodies365. He is quiet and economical and is a good all around game with 35 dB(A) in normal mode or 30 dB(A) at energy savers and a normal lamp life of 2000 hours compared with 3000 hours of eco. DisplayLink with Mac support InFocus Announces the immediate availability of the new Mac drivers for DisplayLink simultaneously with appearance of the IN3108, also for the IN1100 series. This means a welcome expansion of the user population, the competitors have to offer not for trade. It allows the large Mac community direct digital connection of the Intel-based machines with the IN1100 mobile projector series and IN3100 Conference classes. VGA adapter and cables can stay at home now.

San Francisco

Wolfgang Kemna calculates. The Board of Directors of the living-e AG therefore sees significant volume of efficiency potential, currently only used by a few companies in the visor. Because only a quarter of the surveyed enterprises has largely suffered the consequences of the problem of a lot of information increasingly difficult to be controlled. Either use already solutions for better information management or planning their use. The majority rest inaction there is, however, either because in the company not even a sufficient sensitivity to these difficulties is (31 percent) or they recognized though, but still no action requirements derived from this were. Dr.

Kemna therefore argues that in the company a new culture in dealing with the technically generated information should be developed, to raise labour productivity sustainably in new cars. To belong to the more efficient handling of information the use of methods and tools. The increasing amounts of information are an unalterable fact and only once not to criticize, because they often result from innovations or changing technical life habits of the people “, judge the living-e Board. The focus must be addressed rather the question, how can be avoided with intelligent solutions that we are drowning in information.” Living-e: A solution supplier for the efficient and proactive provision of information and knowledge in all mission-critical applications is the living-e AG. The Karlsruhe company helps users find, categorize, and visualize relevant information.

The software works with independently, self-learning and maintenance-free. The living-e AG GmbH emerged in 2006 from the CMS experts webEdition software and has since been listed in the stock exchange Frankfurt entry standard. In October 2007, living-e has taken over the specialist for language technology and artificial intelligence Xtramind technologies GmbH.


Ticino ONLINE publishing offers mini-phrasebook to free download the beautiful Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is chosen by many people as a holiday destination and language to meet the various dialects. “So, we can say our beautiful flat” meets the rest of the world. And how is it with the understanding? For example someone from Bavaria has asked a question and it is a local, so he gets the answer to Platt often”. You thanked politely and then stumped there. What did he actually say? And the small and free phrasebook is intended precisely for this situation! It includes the most important phrases for the holidays and it is linguistically equipped can even even ask a question in the low German language. So just download, print and then travel! “To have the little phrasebook with the title Plattdutsch of for vacationers is” flat in a shortened version of the original book titled min vacation up “in the online shop of the publishing house, via the homepage or directly via the link is reached.

Tourism Agency UG

With a special surprise, daily for Kolsch fan, visitors to Cologne and Cologne veteran! This tour can be booked with hearty brewery food. Is it healthy of the Cologne favorite drink. Since 1986 is what is Kolsch, where it is brewed in the Kolsch Convention set, and from what it drunk. Recently, Cologne is also Europe as regional specialty protected and recognized the Kolsch Convention as a basis. After this tour have met four breweries and tested the product of the House, and know what have in common Kolsch and old, what is a Pittermannche and has the origin where the saying “have something on the grooved wood”.

Each participant will receive a documentation of the history of each of the visited breweries. With anecdotes and the collection of any remaining brewery. So you can pass in review in retrospect once again the tour. Our breweries we visit: Brauhaus early to the DOM, Peters Brauhaus or Brauhaus Sion, gaff House on the old market (the guilds are here Cologne represented), beer House in the Salzgass (our highlight of the Carnival). Learn more about this topic with the insights from Pronto Markets. Different can be combined upon request.

At our brewery tours the history of Cologne not neglected. Dates: Daily 15:00 until around 17:00 and 19:30. Duration of the tour between 2 and 2.5 hours. Individual times and tours can be booked for groups. “Prices: 25,00 per person, incl. the beer tasting of a beer in every brewery, 35,00 incl. beer tasting and hearty Brauhaus feast is” the last brewery. Saturday night 25,00 incl. beer tasting, 40.00 incl. beer tasting and Brewery feast. (When booking with food you choose different dishes from 6 to 8) Meeting from the Cathedral Panel seen on the right hand side before the Brauhaus early at the DOM (in the shop windows of the company Roeckl) at the Court of 12 50667 Cologne. We are also gift vouchers. Our language services: English, French, Portuguese, and Dutch.